Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Monthly Photo Challenge

I decided to start an online photo challenge group on Facebook.  The idea is to pick one subject, theme, or technique to work on for each month.  Everyone in the group takes the selected theme and then tries to take a photo or series of photos based on it, then upload it to the group and we have a discussion about all the images in the group gallery  The main goal of the group was stimulate conversation about creativity and to get people out actively engaging in art in their daily lives, versus procrastinating "I had this great idea for a photo but I'm too busy with xyz..."

The theme from last month was "Everyday Objects", where the assignment was to take an ordinary every day item and make it shine in a photograph.  The assignment this month was "Read to Me" and here is the description I put up in the group.
FEBRUARY'S CHALLENGE: Read to me. Pick a book and make an image of that book or an image that interprets that book. Is it your favorite book? A book you hate? The most recent book you read? Show us the book and be creative. I'm stealing this theme from an article in the local paper:
 I selected the most recent book that I had finished reading.  The book was "The Art of Asking: How I Stopped Worrying and Let People Help" by Amanda Palmer, based on this phenomenal TED talk she did in 2013.

So inspired by the talk and the book I started to work on ideas for a photo.  My first thought was to do an homage to the Eight-Food Bride but have her holding the book in her left arm and holding aloft a plate of donuts in her right arm (a la the statue of liberty) and a sash that said "Take The Donuts!", but as I scoped out the local thrift shops I couldn't find anything that would work for what I had in mind, so I changed tactics.  Here are a few of my images inspired by the book.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Cache Valley Restaurant Updates

The Waffle Iron is renovating 37 W Center Street (formerly the Real Deals location) for their first brick & mortar store, but it looks like they will continue the food truck for a while.

Young Auto Mall has begun hosting Food Truck Fridays in their lot on the North end of Main Street.  Check their facebook page for details.  Today they will have several trucks there from 11am to 2pm.

Logan Steakhouse is opening on Monday, February 2nd in the former Hamilton's location just off of Airport Road in North Logan.  Prices look on par with most Jackson Hole chop houses.

Tacos El Rey food truck is closed for the winter but will be back when the temperatures warm up.

Gia's Italian restaurant is closed, but the Factory Pizzeria in the basement of the same building is still open.

There is a pizza restaurant and lunch counter in the general store in Newton.  I ate there last week and was impressed with the quality and value.  I will post a review soon of the Newton Market.

Dunkin Donuts is now officially open for business.

Trader Jim's Bistro in Smithfield is temporarily closed for repairs and renovations, they will be reopening soon.

Apparently there is still some confusion about  The Grill in Aggie Station.  It was previously run by Mario, but he has now moved his restaurant concept into Blue Square food court and renamed it Mundos Grill in Aggie Station is now run but a completely different cook and manager and they have a different menu Sadly this means that Mario's amazing breakfast burritos are no longer available in the Bessinger Tesoro stations around town, you have to go to Blue Square to get them.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Christie Heywood Photography Giveaway

One of my favorite Cache Valley Photographers is having a giveaway to celebrate the launch of her updated website and blog.  You may remember Christie from my portrait session back in June.  You can find all the details by following this link:!NEW-WEBSITE-CONTEST-GIVEAWAY/cyh4/BCD61A27-5458-4797-AFCD-EFE370915073

You can find Christie on Facebook, her website, or the new blog.

Friday, January 23, 2015

USU Photo Guild Print Sale - Tonight!

Stop by the USU Photo Guild's Print Sale tonight from 5pm-9pm in FAV room 113 (the entrance nearest the intersection by Aggie Ice Cream and the former Golden Toaster location)

Thursday, January 22, 2015

New Logan Restaurant

The Logan Steakhouse is set to open for business in the former Hamilton's location on February 2nd.   Check out their facebook page for upcoming announcements.  Or check out their website for details

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Where in the world... (UPDATED)

Remember the airplane photos posts?  Well the scanning continues and we found a small mystery.  We aren't sure where this photo was taken.  My father believes he took it in Goldsboro, NC when he was stationed there during WWII, but he isn't sure (actually said Goldsburg, SC, but there is no such city), so we're turning to the internet.  If you've been to Goldsboro could you take a look at this photo and let us know if dad is correct?

UPDATE: I've had two sources confirm that this photo was taken in Goldsboro NC on Walnut Street.  The large building on the left is the Hotel Goldsboro.  God bless the internet.

Friday, January 09, 2015

Winter Mornings

I do believe that there are few things quite so wonderful as waking up to see ice creeping up your window panes and fog blanketing the world outside, but you are warm and safe in the cocoon of a very fine bed with no where to go and no pressing responsibilities. To be able to lie there in comfort and hear and watch the world pass by in the frozen landscape. This, this is one of my favorite guilty pleasures.  That is until the dog decides to sneak her head under the covers and press her cold wet nose against my bare skin...

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Ringing in the New

A good friend of mine is an ordained interfaith minister who offers her services as a wedding officiant for those seeking a non-denominational wedding ceremony.  If you are interested in Kassie's services you can learn more by visiting her website here.

Kassie was preparing earlier this week to wed a young couple on New Years Eve when she learned that they still needed a venue to be wed in.  She reached out to her friends online for ideas for a free and small wedding venue.  My family owns office space downtown.  In that space is a closing room that I thought might work for the occasion so I offered it to the bride and groom and they accepted.

On NYE I showed up a couple hours before the ceremony to set up the room for the ceremony, decorate a little bit, and make things ready.  I found out that they weren't going to have any flowers or a photographer, so I slipped out and grabbed my camera and a few flowers from Lee's which we repurposed into a bridal bouquet, decorations, and petals for the aisle.

The ceremony was simple, sweet, and lovely.  After the bride and groom along with their guests had departed to celebrate, I simply blew out the candles and went home.  The next day the clean up only took 20 that's my kind of wedding.  Thanks to A and K for letting me photograph their ceremony.  I wish them a long life of happiness together.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Gaelic Storm in Logan, Ut - Photos

They came, the played, they conquered.  And maybe, just maybe, they will return. 

I brought several friends as well as my younger sister and her two oldest kids.  I was a little worried that the crowd might be too reserved (this is Logan, we tend to have low energy output at shows), but the music was brilliant and the craic was mighty and the Logan crowd warmed up.

I took photos during the second half of the show.  The number of photos posted may seem like overkill, but considering I just sorted through over 640 frames to narrow it down to these, I think I'm doing OK.  So put on your favorite GS album, scroll through the photos, and enjoy!


The next few photos are of Patrick and Twigger explaining the song Darcy's Donkey.  They were also instructing the crowd on the various ways to do "The Donkey", after which they pulled a couple audience members up on stage to have a Donkey-Off.  Go find the song on Youtube and listen to it, the photos will make more sense.

He's Logan but he's not from Logan, he's from Tooele, and the kid is a rock star.
She's from Providence "Not Rhode Island" Utah.

At the end of the night my friend Estee got her program signed by the band.  I told her I'd give her $20 if she asked them to sign the random IHC/Logan Regional Hospital advertisement.  And this is what she got (I owe her $20):