Saturday, May 31, 2008

My nephew Matt got a brand new puppy yesterday. They picked her out a couple weeks ago but couldn't bring her home until she was weened. I stopped by last night to see her. We were all brainstorming, trying to find her a name. What do you think is a good name for her...

So far the suggested names have included: Patches, Calamity Jane, Kissing Kate, Grace O'Malley, Pepper, Cookies n Cream (cc for short), Bandit, Bandita, Lizzy, Jasmine, Hershey, Zoe, Tinkerbell, Sadie the Goat, Hannah the hunting dog, Artemis, and many many more.

Friday, May 30, 2008

So the next thing I'm looking forward to is going to Vegas in July to see Eddie Izzard live. check him out, he's very funny.

I'm hating the schizo weather we've been having. Its gorgeous for a couple hours and then a storms literally blows in with wind and rain for a couple minutes and then blows out again.

Summerfest is coming up the second week in June, check out for more details.

I think he'd look good in my front yard.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

So now we aren't going to tear down the fence in the middle of the side yard. It was decided that it would be better to keep them separate. So my garden spot is now 8'x15', with 4' wide door swinging into that space. Not enough room for a picnic table, let alone a trellis bench and a picnic table. I don't know what I'm going to do now, I'll just plant what I have around the perimeter and leave the middle vacant. Clematis over the dividing wall, herbs under the kitchen window, hollyhocks interspersed with hellaborus and irises on the far wall and pavers in the middle. Maybe a small cafe table and 2 chairs or a couple of adirondack style deck chairs.

Its disappointing that we couldn't have a nice community space with a bigger area, but a small space is better than none and it still gives me a chance to play in the dirt. I just hope I don't kill the plants.
I went to the Cafe Ibis today to see if I could buy some used coffee grounds off of them. Coffee grounds are supposed to be great for amending bad soil and making alkaline soil more acidic (this is a great natural way to turn pink or white hydrangeas to blue). I thought maybe I'd walk away with a little bag, enough to work into the soil for a plant or two...nope, they gave me a 5 gallon bucket and another bag that probably has about 3 lbs. of grounds in it to boot. The best part was that it was free.

So if you want to add coffee grounds to your potting soil, the Ibis is the place to go. While you're there get an orange/passionfruit italian soda with cream, that's my favorite.
In other news. Mike and I went to Jackson for the weekend, since the long weekend fell over our anniversary. We had some good meals, met lots of nice people, drove up to GTNP and enjoyed the views and the wildlife, watched a few movies, and mostly just chilled out. I was sick the whole weekend and it rained almost all the time except for Sunday, but we had a good time.
In other other news. Mike has to have septoplasty surgery tomorrow at 7am. So I'll be at the hospital waiting to take him home. I won't have my phone on but I will take breaks and check for messages.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Meet Jack Jack the Pirate Cat. He has adopted us and he is the world's bossiest cat. He lives outside and probably hangs around our house because of the catnip growing wild in our neighbors trashy yard. This 7.5lb cat actually scares our 75lb dog.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Here is another product that I want in my garden...

Hang this Japanese-inspired solar-powered lantern from a trellis or tree and enjoy its moonlike radiance. Yellow LED lights are encased in paper-like, weatherproofed nylon and automatically switch on at night. Includes AAA rechargeable battery and metal hanger. Folds flat for storage. White.
Here's a fun summer project if you have kids. I am helping my sister do this for her daughter. I got the idea from while you are there enter to win a dream backyard. One package of mammoth sunflower seeds is almost $2, but I bought the equivalent of about 4 packages for only $1.25 at Anderson's Seed and Garden's bulk seed counter. (We have some seeds left over if anyone wants them) Aside from the seeds this project doesn't cost anything.

Grow a Sunflower House for the Kids

A sunflower house is a classic outdoor project for your family. Your kids – or grandkids – help “build” this natural playhouse, which they will enjoy as their special hideout by mid- to late summer.

Here are the steps to creating this fun project:

1. Select a place in full sunlight to grow your sunflower house. You will need some space – at least five square feet, larger if you prefer. Loosen the soil in a narrow line (about two-to-three inches) along the perimeter of your square and prepare the soil for planting by adding a little compost or fertilizer.

2. Help the kids plant Mammoth Sunflower seeds (the ones that grow at least six feet tall), spacing the seeds 10-to-12 inches apart along the prepared perimeter. Follow planting directions on the package. Leave a two-foot wide gap unplanted on one end of the house, which will become the doorway.

3. Once the Mammoth Sunflowers have sprouted, plant seeds for mid-size sunflowers between them. You also can add seeds for smaller flowers, such as brightly colored zinnias. All of these additional flowers will fill in the walls of the sunflower house.

4. When the large sunflowers reach a height of about five-to-six feet, it’s time to create the roof of your house. For this you will need several long pieces of twine or yarn to gently tie the tops of the sunflowers together overhead. Loop the twine around one flower just beneath the head and gently pull it toward the center of the house, attaching it beneath the head of the opposite sunflower. Do this until all of the tall sunflowers are attached at their tops, arching over the open space below, creating the roof.

5. You can add a blanket or large piece of cardboard for the floor of your sunflower house.

6. As a fun variation, once the sunflowers are a few inches tall, plant a few vegetable plants on the sunny side of house’s perimeter. Radishes are fun, colorful and tasty. A few pole beans or pea pod plants can climb the sunflower stems for added interest.

7. In early fall, after the kids have had weeks of fun in their hide-a-way, help them harvest some sunflower seeds for tasting and feeding the birds.

Monday, May 12, 2008

So yesterday was mother's day. 2 weeks ago my oldest sister's kids were helping me clean the office for some extra cash. We had the radio turned on but I wasn't paying much attention to it, when all of the sudden the oldest two kids (Josh 17, Nicole 14) ran past me to get to a computer and they started googling something. I went to see what was up and they asked me what the name of the radio station we were listening to was. They explained that there was a Mother's Day contest announced over the radio and they wanted to enter their mom, "because she's the awesomest".

So we found the station's website and read the rules of the contest. The kids had to write an e-mail explaining why their mom was the best. They wrote their email (it was send from the default email account on my computer) and sent it off. This past Friday I received an email from the radio station saying that the kids' email had won and that their mom was getting a prize package. I drove down to pick it up from the radio station since the kids were all still at school. The prizes were: Box of Bluebird chocolates, gift cert. for one night stay at Providence B&B, gift cert to Iron Gate Grill, gift cert to Fred's Flowers, and a gift cert for a full day of treatments at Valhalla spa/salon.

Here's the winning email...

Our Mom (Kristeen) should win this prize because she
is not only an amazing mom but an incredible daughter, aunt, niece,
sister, friend and neighbor...she is kind to everyone she knows and
works tirelessly to help others everyday.

She is a stay-at-home mom and has raised five kids marvelously.
She is our own personal taxi driver, cook, teacher, and
comforter...she is Super-Mom. She always cares about our best
interests. She educates us in all areas, whether it is sports,
service, cooking, cleaning, or finding our talents. She plans
activities, lessons, and vacations for our benefit and enjoyment
without thinking of herself first.

My mom cares about all children and always has her nieces and
nephews as well as neighborhood children over at our house to play.
She is constantly helping other moms out by babysitting their children
to give the mom's some alone time. She volunteers at least four hours
a week in our elementary schools. My mom is the best. No matter what
others may say no one even comes close to being better.


The kids that drive her crazy!
(Josh, Nicole, Matt, Elysa, and Megan)

I'm proud of my sister, the Super-Mom, and I'm really proud of her kids for recognizing everything she does for them.


Friday, May 09, 2008

Progress on the yard...its not much, but its a start.

While cleaning up the space I found:

*big gulp cup
*Tennis ball without the fuzz
*the fuzz from the tennis ball
*hair scruncii
*broken plastic arrows
*beer bottles
*candy wrappers
*comic book
*roll of barbed wire
*railroad spike
*rusty nails

You know you live 'out west' when this is what you rake out of your yard...

Sunday, May 04, 2008

We went to my niece's gymnastic meet last Friday night, here are some pics and video. (sorry about the poor quality, its just a pocket point and shoot)

Friday, May 02, 2008

For all the gardeners out there, here is a really good deal...

I just bought 3 Hydrangea bushes and with shipping paid $72.35. At Anderson Seed and Garden here in Logan the plants are $35 a piece, I saved over $30. You don't have to buy 2 Hydrangeas, it can be mix and match of any shrub in the newsletter. (I've included the ones that are hardy to zone 4 which is what we are in Northern Utah). Also Wayside Gardens is still doing their buy one get one free on selected plants sale.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Welcome to May in Utah...

And its still snowing. Remind me again why I got out of bed?