Friday, May 29, 2009

Merry Month of May

Its been a busy spring.

*We attended the Deployment kick-off family day for Fox Company down in Salt Lake, in the pouring rain.

*Mike had 2 hernias operated on.

*It was my sister-in-law Kendra's birthday and my nephew Matt's birthday.
I drove dad's old Willys jeep in the Black and White days parade with Elysa and Megan.

*Memorial day weekend we had the annual family trip to decorate graves at the Logan cemetery, Old Ephraim Mountain Man Rendezvous, and my brother Dave packed up and moved to Seattle.

*Monday was me and Mike's wedding anniversary, we didn't plan it but he gave me the J.Peterman shirt for women and I gave him the J.Peterman shirt for men.

I have some photos on my camera that I need to download and post. Most of them are from Megan's baptism and helping Dave move.

If anyone is looking to buy a large 4 bedroom/office/2 bath/1car garage/big backyard historic home close to downtown at the base of temple hill...Dave is trying to sell his. It is a cool house in a great location, they completely re-did the floors on the ground floor, adding hardwood flooring in the living room and tile in the foyer and dining room.