Friday, January 29, 2010

Here is another plug for my favorite Logan eatery, Sweetly Divine. They finally have their website up and running so I am posting some of their website photos here to temp you all into going there.

Their sandwiches are made fresh daily on their own homemade ciabbata bread. They have Turkey, Ham, Roast Beef and Vegetarian. My favorite is the turkey with olives, cucumbers, cheese, and the original jalepeno jelly. It goes great with the Polish Pickle soup or the Clam Chowder (today's soup of the day).

Salads...also A-MAZING. Fresh field greens, mozzarella cheese and a sweet and tangy vinaigarette that is really addicting. They also have yummy pasta salad made fresh daily.

Uh, I think I can let the picture do the talking, but just so you know...they taste even better than they look!

The chef!

Click here Sweetly Divine for their official website. Stop playing on the internet and drive your butt down there! They are in the shopping area next to Shopko, inbetween Spoon Me and Mr. Mac.

I wish Mark taught classes at the shop on the weekends. I'd still buy pastries from him because I could never make them at home as good as he makes them in the shop...and I'm too lazy to make them at home. But I'm facinated with his creations and want to learn, if only to be able to eat the results at the end of class.

USU Gymnastics

Tonight is the home opener for the lady Aggies gymnastic team. The meet begins at 7pm in the Spectrum. Click on the link below for the article with the full details.

USU Gymnastics vs. Boise

Here is the link to the gymnastic program homepage.

USU Gymnastics

When did Ray Corn retire?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Christmas movie night with my nieces and nephews

The week of Christmas I invited all my nieces and nephews over for pizza and a movie night. 11 of the 12 came and most stayed until right around midnight. Normally we do a sleepover but I had to work in the morning so we didn't do that this year. Here are some photos of the craziness...

Ice Skating 1/26/10

Tuesday night (Jan. 26th) my little sister H. and I took her kids and our niece, M., ice skating at Merlin Olsen Park in Logan. Our older sister K. was there with her ward's young women's group, which included her daughter N.  N. and her friend helped my niece K. go around the rink a couple times while I put on my skates, and then little K. wanted to skate by herself and did a pretty good job of it.

We pulled my nephew C. around the rink a couple of times in a sled but he mostly wanted to sit on the side and eat or throw snow. I had bought brand new hockey skates that I really need to break in, but with chasing the kids around, it was easier and safer to change back into my hiking boots. Holly brought Tate out on the ice but she was in regular shoes to be on the safe side.

M. was zipping around, passing everyone. She is getting really good and she can sure skate faster than I can, but I hope to change that with a little practise. We took a few photos of H. with her kids, I will post those tonight when I get home and have a minute to download them from my camera. Here are a few videos...

C. taking a time out from his strenous activity of being pulled around the ice.

K. skating by herself...look ma, no hands!

K. and M. strut their skating stuff.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Dogs, dogs and more dogs

Video camera cleanout continues with a bunch of quick videos taken last year right after we brought Annie home. They aren't very exciting but little kids seem to like watching them.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Tater Tot

Camera clean out continues...this time it is my Flip video camera that I keep in my purse. (Although there are still a ton of still photos that I need to clean up and get on here from the last 4 months.)

Here's a video from when my nephew T. was born and my niece N. and I got to be my little sister H.'s official visitors at the hospital.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cabinet Quest

There is a tiny corner in my upstairs bathroom that I would like to find a cabinet to fit in. When the door to the bathroom is open it leaves a triangular opening behind it that is roughly 15.5" on each side.

I would like to find something like this...

Locally I have been to Edward's (Logan store), U&I, Smith's Marketplace, Downeast Home, TJ Maxx, Factory Direct Furniture, Staples, Ross, and Hobby Lobby. The only thing that came close was a corner hutch with shelves but it was about 4" too big on each side.

At the suggestion of my sister and brother-in-law I checked out the Ikea website but couldn't find one small enough. Following that idea I went to and did find one that was the right size to fit in the corner but it was only 30" tall and I was hoping for something taller...MUST.HAVE.STORAGE.

Here is the list of places I am going to look when I have the time: Aaron's, Fisher's, Fisher Outlet, 2 Brothers, 2 Brothers Outlet, Edward's (Providence), Darrell's, K-mart, Shopko, Walmart, Sam's Club, Palmer's, Ashley, Thistles, Real Deals, On The Avenue, Stork Landing, The DI, Somebody's Attic and Atkinson's.

If there is any place else that I should look, please let me know. If you have seen something like what I'm looking for I would love to know.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jackson city trails

Memorial Day weekend 2009, Mike and I took the dogs and went up to stay in my parents condo in Jackson Wyoming. Using Mike's camera (I forgot mine) I took some photos of the trail that I took the dogs walking on every morning.

Jackson has an extensive walking/running/equestrian/biking trail system that runs throughout the city and valley. The part I loved were the small parks that were spread out along the trail and the abundance of pet stations...posts with free doggie clean up bags and large trash cans to throw away the "presents" your pet leaves. Here is the website there are maps of the trails and user guidelines. As nice as Cache Valley is, I wish we had something like that here.

So here is a photo documentary of our typical morning walk.

View when we open the front door and get ready to go.

The trail entrance from the street right outside Creekside townhomes and the trail marker where it merges with another trail.

The view on the bridge that crosses the creek to take you to the the trail that runs along the base of the mountains.

This is the view of the creek from the park on the far side of the bridge and the view of the trail that heads in towards the town.

On this morning I took the trail that leads out to and under the main highway. This is the view once we got on that trail, looking back towards the little park.

You go through a tunnel that travels a short way under the hillside.

The trail follows the footprint of the mountain and is lined with rustic fences and retaining walls. There are some nice homes and gardens that you pass along the way but what I love is the untamed mountainside and the wildflowers growing everywhere.

This is what it looks like as you get closer to the highway. Then there is another tunnel that conveniently takes you under and to the trailways beyond.

On our way back home there was some gorgeous vistas of the Teton mountains.

Here is the scenery on the way back home.

Here is the first tunnel we came through, going back home. A group of cyclists passed me and as they entered the tunnel they all started howling or making other noises and the way the corrugated metal inside the tunnel distorted and echoed the sounds was really cool, but it made the dogs nervous.

When we got back through the tunnel to the creekside park I let Molly and Annie get a drink from the creek and have a rest. I laid down in the grass on the creek bank with them and almost fell asleep is was so pleasant.