Friday, January 29, 2010

Here is another plug for my favorite Logan eatery, Sweetly Divine. They finally have their website up and running so I am posting some of their website photos here to temp you all into going there.

Their sandwiches are made fresh daily on their own homemade ciabbata bread. They have Turkey, Ham, Roast Beef and Vegetarian. My favorite is the turkey with olives, cucumbers, cheese, and the original jalepeno jelly. It goes great with the Polish Pickle soup or the Clam Chowder (today's soup of the day).

Salads...also A-MAZING. Fresh field greens, mozzarella cheese and a sweet and tangy vinaigarette that is really addicting. They also have yummy pasta salad made fresh daily.

Uh, I think I can let the picture do the talking, but just so you know...they taste even better than they look!

The chef!

Click here Sweetly Divine for their official website. Stop playing on the internet and drive your butt down there! They are in the shopping area next to Shopko, inbetween Spoon Me and Mr. Mac.

I wish Mark taught classes at the shop on the weekends. I'd still buy pastries from him because I could never make them at home as good as he makes them in the shop...and I'm too lazy to make them at home. But I'm facinated with his creations and want to learn, if only to be able to eat the results at the end of class.

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