Friday, February 26, 2010

I am a lucky girl...

My glassblowing friend Kim suprised me today when a box arrived at my work from California. when I opened it there were 3 gorgeous examples of her work. The silly girl doesn't quite understand the concept of receiving presents on her birthday and not giving them away on her birthday.

I am VERY excited about these gems and they are making my desk a more beautiful place. Here are a couple photos, please excuse my lame point and shoot camera deficiencies:

If you like what you see, please let me know and I'll put you in touch with Kim so you can buy some of her already made work or commission a piece yourself. She's going to be famous someday and then you won't be able to afford this stuff!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Weekend stuff

There are a couple interesting things going on around the valley this weekend.

Tomorrow night and Saturday night the UFO classic film series on the big screen at the Dansate continues with Roman Holiday. If anyone would like to see it with me, give me a call, I can go either night.

Tomorrow night at 7pm there will be An Evening In Brazil, a concert in the Performance Hall. Cost is $15 for the general public and $5 for students.

Also tomorrow night on campus is opening of the annual USU Pow-Wow sponsored by the Native American Students Association. It is in the field house and admission is $3. It runs Friday 7pm-11:30pm and then again Saturday from noon to 5pm and then again from 6pm to 11:30pm. There will be native dance and song competitions, food and craft booths.


Last night Mike and I decided to try Gia's now that they have remodeled and finally reopened the restaurant. They have done a lot of work on the restaurant and the 2 front rooms that have windows facing main street have beein completely revamped into really beautiful and cozy lounges. The south dining room is really beautiful and open (perfect for banquest and large company parties), while the north dining room still has the original cozy booths.

I was prepared to give them a lot of slack on food because whenever a restaurant opens or re-opens there are growing pains and a big adjustment period while they get their menu down pat. That being said we were both pleasantly suprised. The staff was very friendly and knew the menu inside and out. The menu isn't huge but it has a wide selection of entrees that includes pasta, chicken, veal (yeah, yeah its baby cow, cry me a is delicious), and seafood.

Mike ordered the spinach cheese ravioli and chose the garlic sauce to go with them. I had the veal scallopini. The raviolis were really great, the creamy nutty cheese blended perfectly with the spinach and the garlic sauce, the pasta was very tender and smooth. The veal scallopini was perfectly cooked and came out hot and delicious with a generous side of spaghetti and marinara sauce.

My favorite part of the meal was the fresh italian bread that was brought out with our soup. It was hot with a beautifully crunchy crust and soft fluffy center, went perfect with the olive oil and balsamic vinegar available on all the tables. Each entree comes with soup AND salad AND all the bread you can eat and a lemon sorbet palette cleanser before your entree arrives, I am very glad we didn't order a starter because we were stuffed!

The dessert tray had espresso chocolate chip ice cream, spumoni, tiramisu, italian lemon cream cake, cheesecake with choice of blueberry or raspberry sauce, chocolate carmel lava cake, and a couple other choices that I can't remember off the top of my head. They all looked yummy, so save room for dessert.

Gia's is a logan landmark, go ahead and give them a try. We are wanting to go back and test out their breakfast offerings next weekend.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Caden!

On Sunday my nephew Caden turned three years old. Last Saturday Mike and I took him out to lunch and to Petsmart for his birthday. He was really more excited about the GREEN BALLOON he got than anything else...what kind of kid passes up fries and a frosty to play with a balloon? *sigh* He really loved the lab cross puppies for adoption at Petsmart and made friends with a dog named Kaden, but he kept running back to the fish tanks.

Here are a couple photos of Caden with his green balloon.

Tate's first movie night

Last Friday night I invited all my Logan nieces and nephews over for a pizza and movie night at my house. All the Christensen girls came but Matt decided to stay home and practise trumpet...I know I've failed when practising trumpet is more interesting than coming to my house ;)

Holly dropped off all of her kids and Tate experienced his fist movie night. He was really good and Elysa was a good helper and kept him happy until his parents came back from their dinner.

We watched G Force, the Disney cartoon version of Alice In Wonderland, and most of Inkheart. All in all a good night.

Here are a few photos.

Garden Plots, horticulture links, free classes

If you are looking for a community garden plot check out the website for USU Extension. They also have free gardening classes and are a huge resourse for all things horticulture.

Monday, February 22, 2010

North Logan branch of Hollywood Video closing

Hollywood Video in North Logan is closing up shop. They don't have a set closing date yet, it will be when they can sell everything in the store. They are still renting movies and will until they are all sold.

Right now new releases are NOT for sale but all collection DVDs are 3 for $20. There are some really good deals on PV DVDs that were already on sale. There are also some games for sale but it looks like they are pretty picked over at this point.

Everything in the store will eventually be sold but there are some conditions. If you want a fixture that the store needs to function (ie shelving, monitor, computer, scanner, etc) you can purchase it but you must wait until they no longer need it to collect it. Store employees cannot help you lift, carry, dismantle, disconnect, move, or load anything you must do it yourself or have someone do it for you. See store manager for details on fixtures for sale.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


The Herald Journal here in Logan published my letter from my previous post. Let the hate mail begin.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

An open letter to the USU students and fans that attend Aggie basketball games, and an apology to LA TECH

Remember when we were kids and someone would say something rude and the witty retort was always "I know you are but what am I?" or "I'm rubber, you're glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you?"?

Remember the Disney movie Bambi and how Thumper got in trouble for saying unkind words and was reminded that "Mama says if you can't say nothin' nice, don't say nothin' at all."?

Remember when good sportsmanship, hospitality, common courtesy, having fun, and playing hard but fair were more important than winning?

Well obviously a large chunk of the basketball game attending USU student body didn't learn those lessons and never grew out of the childish playground mob/bully/name-calling mentality.

I attended the USU basketball game against Louisana Tech last night and I was absolutely appalled at the behavior from most of the fans in the student section, and more than a few of the fans from the general public.

***Before I go any further into the events that transpired last night I would like to say that I fully support fans and their right to support their team. Cheering, singing the school fight song, and getting excited when your team does well is all part of the experience. What is not acceptable are fans deriding the other team. You are supposed to cheer FOR your team, not AGAINST the other team.***

When our opponents took the court for their warmup they were mercilessly booed. When the video screen showed the Aggie Head Coach asking our fans to be respectful and show good sportsmanship...the Aggie students booed their own coach!

When our opponents gained possession of the ball the students booed for the entire possession. When our opponents committed fouls or made unforced errors our students pointed their fingers en mass and chanted "STUPID, STUPID, STUPID...". When our opponents did something the student section didn't like the students would start to chant "You, You, You, You SUCK!"

And then there were individual students and fans who's slurs, epitaths, and demeaning shouts will NOT be published here because they were too profane or offensive to even hint at what was said. Our team was lucky that they did not receive a technical foul because of what the students under the basket were screaming at the LA Tech players, it was sickening.

This was a nationally televised game. If I had college aged kids and I saw them on ESPN behaving the way our students were...I would take them over my knee and tan their hide. I am not a proponent of spanking but there is a whole generation of USU student that need to get a belt accross the backside to teach them some manners. I know a lot of those students were raised better and they have forgotten how to behave like adults.

The Louisiana Tech team were guests at our school and instead of common courtesy and hospitality you showed them uncommon discourtesy and a profane rudeness that embarassed me to my core. I will NEVER attend another Aggie basketball game again. Our team played hard and won...good for them! Our fans acted like spoiled brats and slandered our school's good name...


To the LA Tech team I would like to say that not all USU students and Alumni behave so badly. On behalf of the student and alumni who do not condone the bad behavior exhibited last night, I apologize for the poor sportsmanship and lack of respect that our fans showed. You played hard, your freethrows were amazingly consistent and even though you didn't win you played a good game. I am sorry that our student body and fans treated you so poorly.


Suzanne H. Shelton
Logan, UT

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Friday events at USU

This Friday there are several intresting events going on.

In the TSC there will be a Soul Food dinner hosted by the Black Student Union in the Evan N. Stevenson Ballroom. The dinner goes from 6:30 to 8:30pm and the menu will include: catfish, chicken, collard greens, corn bread, mac and cheese, peach cobbler and drinks. Admission is $10 and you can buy tickets from Multicultural Student Services TSC 309.

Over at the USU Institute there will be a Chinese/Korean New Years banquet and celebration. It runs from 7-9:30pm and will include traditional food and dances. For information contact Zeng Ceng,(435) 754-6232, .

Also Friday night is another home gymanstic meet in the Spectrum. The lady Aggies will host BYU and it should be a good match up. Meet begins at 7pm, tickets are $5 for adults and $1 for kids, availabe at the ticket office in the main entrance of the Spectrum.

For more events happening at USU check our their calendar of events. There is always something happening on campus or through the extension offices.


So the outdoor ice rink is closed...bring on Spring! The snow can't melt fast enough for me. I am itching to unwrap my roses, cart off all the straw, start feeding the plants and get new great growth. Gardening is my outlet and I miss it, cleaning just doesn't cut it.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Krazy Daze

In case you don't subscribe to the HJ and didn't get the is Krazy Daze at Smithfield Implement. Everything in the stores is at least 15% off, and the Implement prices are already below MSRP on almost everything in the store. Today it is cash or cheque only but the rest of the week they will accept credit cards or store charge accounts.

I went today and got 2 hurricane lamps, a gallon of lamp oil, 2 9x13 pans with lids, 2 8x8 pans, a marble mortar and pestle, a double boiler with lid, a multipack of compact flourescent lightbulbs, cleaning products, a set of 5 graduated funnels, a juicer attachment for my kitchenaid, and a cookbook for around $100. I am seriously debating going back tomorrow and picking up a hoover carpent steam cleaner.

Go check it out.

Friday, February 12, 2010

All you can eat...

Anyone want to do an all you can eat sushi night some Monday? I like sushi but can usually only finish one roll by myself and I want to try Takara's All You Can Eat Mondays with a group of people who would actually eat the sushi with me. For restaurant info and menu check out their website Takara Sushi

I'm also quite fond of Happy Sushi in Logan, they don't have a website but you can look at their menu HERE.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ice Rink

The outdoor ice rink here in Logan is open again. I'll be going every night this week at 6pm if you would like to join me. It closes for the season Monday, the 15th, at 10pm. Let's hope it stays cold until then and THEN have it warm up for spring.

I'm already jonesing for warmer weather, melting snow and being able to start gardening again. I made the mistake of stopping at Anderson's Seed yesterday and fell in love with a new set of adirondack furniture they had just got

Tate's blessing

My sister Holly had her son Tate blessed this past Sunday. Here are a few photos from the lunch we had at Mom's house afterwards. Our sister Heather smoked a couple of boston butts so we could have pulled pork sandiches and they were delicious!

Kyla and Caden were really enjoying the desserts.

Tate was enjoying all the attention.

And the rest of us were enjoying the pulled pork!

O.P.I color of the week... "Glove You So Much" from their 2009 holidays collection.

Thursday, February 04, 2010


Among other things it is National Homemade Soup day! I'm celebrating by leaving work and going home to eat some homemade french onion soup. No, you can't come over, make your own darn soup.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Ice Rink @ Merlin Olsen closing Feb. 15th

Tonight at the park there were signs posted that said the rink would remain open til February 15th, weather permitting, before they closed for the season. Because of the cold weather last night and today the ice was much better tonight than it was on Monday. The best part was that for the better part of an hour I basically had the ice all to myself...less chance of falling down in front or people or ONTO people. And the weather was gorgeous.

I'm going again everynight except Sundays until the rink closes, 6-7pm.

Jan. 26th Ice Skating

In a previous post I mentioned that we went ice skating at Merlin Olsen Park with some of my nieces and nephews. I had posted some videos and now here are the photos. M. was moving too fast to get a still picture of her, but we got a few of the H. family.

We were trying to get a good photo with them with the temple in the background but my sad little point and shoot didn't like the darkness so they didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped.

Josh pictures

My nephew Josh left for the MTC on January 13th, here are some photos that we took the night before, right after he was set apart. Of course I didn't wear makeup that night and my teeth are oddly shiney...but everyone else looks good.

From left to right in this photo are: Jim, Sara, Josh, Grandma Hickman, Grandpa Hickman

Here is the Haslem family with Josh

...AND a slightly less blurry one.

Me and Josh

Here is me, Josh and Mike.

Caden and Josh.

The trauma of getting Kyla out of her coat.

The man himself.

Here is Josh and his family...some were more prepared for this photo than others.

Happy smiling Christensens.

The only shot where you are guaranteed not to see any double chins.

New holiday

I'm starting a new holiday. It will be celebrated monthly on the second of each month. It is POST A NEW BLOG DAY. This holiday is for people who forget they have a blog or don't think they have anything to blog about. On the second of every month everyone must post something...anything on their blog.

You people who haven't posted in 2 years? Google yourself and post the most interesting search result.

Haven't posted in a year? Take a photo of yourself and post it.

Haven't posted in a month? Write down your grocery shopping list and post it.

I don't know if my blog is interesting but I try to keep it updated and share photos and other items of note. I wish I could be like the food bloggers and make a new recipe every day and post about it, but I don't have the time or energy. If you read other people's blogs but don't post on your own...THIS IS FOR YOU!!!

Monday, February 01, 2010

Standing Invitation...

This is a standing invitation to everyone and anyone who would like to join me...

I will be skating at the Merlin Olsen park outdoor rink every day at 6pm after work. I plan on doing this Monday through Saturday until Logan City shuts down the rink for the season. It is great exercise, nice scenery, lots of fun and skate rentals are only $3 (or go buy your own at Al's they are all on sale right now).

I'll be the red head in the black snow pants and blue and black jacket...trying not to fall down.


So it is February...

*Happy Birthday on the 6th to my friend Lynn.

*Happy Birthday on the 12th to my sister Holly and Mr. Lincoln.

*Happy Birthday on the 21st to my nephew Caden.

*Happy 40th Birthday on the 23rd to my friend Kim.

Today is National Freedom Day. Tomorrow (Feb. 2) is Groundhog Day. Wednesday the 3rd my nephew Josh leaves for Missouri. Next Sunday, the 7th, Tate will be blessed in Holly's ward...also the superbowl.

Sunday the 14th is Valentine's day or Single Awareness Day...depending on your status. Monday the 15th is President's day and a federal holiday so don't expect to pick up your mail or have your garbage collected or be able to go to your local bank.

Tuesday Feb. 16th is Mardi Gras! Wednesday the 17th is Ash Wednesday.

Here is one list of crazy and not so crazy February Holidays.

Here is another list with some more in depth information about some other Feb. Holidays.

Here is a list of weekly February observances, holidays, famous February Birthdays, and other February-ness.

Who knew there was a National Surf & Turf day? I'm sooo there.

My O.P.I. color of the week is Midnight In Moscow. It is about as dark red as you can get without actually being black.