Friday, February 26, 2010

I am a lucky girl...

My glassblowing friend Kim suprised me today when a box arrived at my work from California. when I opened it there were 3 gorgeous examples of her work. The silly girl doesn't quite understand the concept of receiving presents on her birthday and not giving them away on her birthday.

I am VERY excited about these gems and they are making my desk a more beautiful place. Here are a couple photos, please excuse my lame point and shoot camera deficiencies:

If you like what you see, please let me know and I'll put you in touch with Kim so you can buy some of her already made work or commission a piece yourself. She's going to be famous someday and then you won't be able to afford this stuff!


Keri-Anne said...

those are gorgeous

nachista said...

I love them all and all day yesterday people were commenting on them but the one that was getting the most attention was the bottle.

Several people said that they loved the idea of combinging recycling and art. 2 different ladies both said that they would be perfect candle holders for outdoor patio dinner tables.

I'm going to use this one as a vase because the inside of the bottom of the bottle comes up to a point and I wouldn't be able to get a candle to stand up in it. But if Kim does it with beer or glass soda bottles you could easily put a votive or tealight or small pillar in them.