Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bench: week 2

This week we got the back of the bench assembled and moved it from my dad's woodshop to my front porch. I didn't measure everything right so it was a tight fit and one side is more evenly spaced than the other but it doesn't bother me so I think we're OK. Now that we know for sure that it fits (it is a bit of a tight squeeze, good thing I'm a shorty), we will put the arms on next week, sand the rough edges and paint.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Experiments in woodworking

I love adirondack style is comfy and it looks great, what more could you ask from patio/yard furniture? I've been pricing some premade adirondack loveseat style benches and all of the wooden, pre-assembled, and stained pieces were $250 and up. I was looking online and kept finding DIY kits that were in the $150 range plus the extra cost of shipping.

So last week I stopped at Atikinson Wood Working in downtown Logan to see if he had anything like that in stock. In case you haven't been in there they offer unfinished furniture and they also do vehicle re-upholstery. Their stuff is quite a bit cheaper than premade and comes in ready to assemble kits, for $20 they will put it together for you and then you just take it home and stain it. I looked through his catalog and showed him what I wanted and it turned out that the company had discontinued that particular style but he had had a woman order one last year and she never came back to pay for it and pick it up. So he sold it to me for $100.

The kit came with all the wood pre-cut and sanded, full set of instructions with detailed pictures, and all the hardware we need. I took it out to my dad's house yesterday and he and I got a great start on it. We are planning on finishing it next Saturday and then I will paint it the Saturday after that.

When it is all done it should roughly look like the following photo, I wanted one with the 2 separate fanned back pieces but that style was much too wide and deep for our porch. I am thinking about painting it "comfort green" or OD green.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Wreaths, wreaths and more wreaths

Wednesday I went down to Farr West to have my hair done. Just down the road from my stylist's home/salon is a roadside stand with a spectacular array of wreaths, curly willow bunches and birch bunches.

I found a card and some information but unfortunately I had a arrived after their closing time so couldn't purchase anything.

The owner's name is Lyle Dabb and he sells wreaths, dry flowers, seasonal fruits and vegetables. Apparently his nickname is "The Pumpkin Man", but just about everyone knows him as "The Wreath Guy". His stand is located at 1421 W. Harrisville Rd., Ogden UT 84404 and a contact number is 801.782.7338. He is open for business all year round, Monday through Saturday, 11am to 4pm.  (UPDATE: He also now has an honor system where you can pick what you want and leave a check in a drop box, so stop by any time)

Some of these wreaths were taller than I was and he used a large variety of materials. Check out the photos.

Bellydancing at the Indian Oven

Friday, March 12, 2010

1914 Jeffery repair manual (Thomas B. Jeffery Company)

This is a totally shot in the dark, but...

Does anyone out there know where I could find a repair guide or manual for a 1914 Jeffery Touring car? This car was made by the Thomas B. Jeffery Company and was known as the Rambler before 1914 when it was renamed in honor of Thomas Jeffery.

The company was bought out by Nash Motors who re-renamed Touring car the Rambler, and then AMC and I can find manuals for much later models but not for the early Jeffery models.

This car was originally manufactured in Kenosha, Wisconsin. If you live in that area or know someone who does, PLEASE ask around!

If anyone reads this and knows how I could get a copy of such a thing, please let me know. If you know anyone who might know, please let me know.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

It's that time of year again...

Club Cairo!

This dinner show is being presented March 27th at the Brigham City Country Club by Shimmering Sands Bellydance of Logan, UT. The $30 ticket price includes dinner, a live arabic band and bellydancing by some extremely talented and beautiful women. For more information check out Shimmering Sands' website

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Dear Logan pet owners:

Dear people who don't follow local animal ordinances:

It is not my fault that your dog runs up and gets itself bit by my dog. **My dog was on a leash, yours was not.** These laws are for your pet's safety and for the safety of other people and their pets, they were not written to annoy you and make more work for you. Grow up, learn some responsibility, obey the laws and stop blaming other people for your lack of compliance with the law.

Logan law states that all dogs must be on a leash or chain when not in a contained yard or home. It also states that when outside on a leash or chain your animal must be supervised at ALL times...not just when you feel like it.

Cats don't need these requirments because cats are smart enough to run away from an 80 pound dog, whether it looks friendly or not.

PS - I will NOT apologize for kicking and screaming at your dog. My actions saved your dog's life. I wouldn't have had to do that if you had taken some responsibility for your animal in the first place. You are lucky I risked my fingers by prying my dogs jaws off your dog's neck.

March 3rd

Today, Wednesday March 3rd is:

*The Doll Festival in Japan
*National Anthem Day (the day the US adopted The Star Spangled Banner as its anthem)
*Peace Corps Day
*What If Cats And Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs? Day (I would be in so much trouble)
*Aldexander Graham Bell's Birthday
*I Want You To Be Happy Day
*Peach Blossom Day

Monday, March 01, 2010

OPI nail color of the week... The Thrill Of Brazil!

Eileen Ivers

Eileen Ivers will be playing live in Logan, UT tonight and tomorrow night at the Cache Valley Center for the Arts (aka Eccles Theatre)

Buh-Bye Febru-dreary...hello March!

The dreaded February is over and March is officially here!

Tomorrow, March 2nd is my niece Megan's 9th birthday.

Monday, March 29th, is my nephew Walter's 10th birthday. He and his siblings have spring break the week of his birthday so his mom is driving them all down from Seattle so Walter can celebrate his birthday with his Utah family!

Today, Monday March 1st is: National Pig Day, Peanut Butter Lovers Day, St. David's Day (Wales), Share A Smile Day, Beer Appreciation Day, Peace Corp Birthday, Plan A Solo Vacation Day, I'm Refired Not Retired Day,

The first week in March is:
*National Procrastination Week
*Return The Borrowed Books Week
*Universal Human Beings Week
*Yoyo and Skill Toys Appreciation Week
*National Write A Letter Of Appreciation Week
*National Newspapers In Our Schools Week
*American Summer Camp Week
*Federal Employees Recognition Week
*Pet Sitters Appreciation Week
*National Cheerleading Week
*National Ghostwriters Week

March is:
*Poison Prevention Awareness Month
*Save Your Vision Month
*Sing With Your Child Month
*Small Press Month
*Spiritual Wellness Month
*Supply Management Month
*Workplace Eye Health & Safety Month
*Cataract Awareness Month
*Feminine Empowerment Month
*Hemophilia Awareness Month
*Employee Spirit Month
*National Eye Donor Month
*National Multiple Sclerosis Education & Awareness Month
*National Kidney Month
*National Nutrition Month
*National On-Hold Month
*National Social Work Month
*National Umbrella Month
*Orlando Family Spring Break Month
*Optimism Month
*Play The Recorder Month
*Music In Our Schools Month
*National Caffeine Awareness Month
*National Cheerleading Safety Month
*National Chronic Fatigue syndrome Awareness Month
*National Clean Up Your IRS Act Month
*National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month
*National Craft Month
*National Ethics Awarness Month
*Gardening Nature & Ecology Books Month
*International Hamburger & Pickle Month
*Mental Retardation & Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month
*Middle School Month
*Rosacea Awareness Month
*Youth Science Month
*Talk With Your Teen About Sex Month
*Youth Art Month
*Foot Health Month
*Humorists Are Artists Too Month
*National Furniture Refinishing Month
*National Frozen Food Month
*National Noodle Month
*National Peanut Month
*Women's History Month
*Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig Month
*American Red Cross Month
*Deep Vein Thrombosis Awareness Month
*Deaf History Month
*Expanding Girls' Horizons In Science & Engineering Month
*Honor Society Awareness Month
*International Expect Success Month
*International Ideas Month
*International Listening Awareness Month
*International Mirth Month
*Irish-American Heritage Month