Friday, March 12, 2010

1914 Jeffery repair manual (Thomas B. Jeffery Company)

This is a totally shot in the dark, but...

Does anyone out there know where I could find a repair guide or manual for a 1914 Jeffery Touring car? This car was made by the Thomas B. Jeffery Company and was known as the Rambler before 1914 when it was renamed in honor of Thomas Jeffery.

The company was bought out by Nash Motors who re-renamed Touring car the Rambler, and then AMC and I can find manuals for much later models but not for the early Jeffery models.

This car was originally manufactured in Kenosha, Wisconsin. If you live in that area or know someone who does, PLEASE ask around!

If anyone reads this and knows how I could get a copy of such a thing, please let me know. If you know anyone who might know, please let me know.

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