Sunday, March 21, 2010

Experiments in woodworking

I love adirondack style is comfy and it looks great, what more could you ask from patio/yard furniture? I've been pricing some premade adirondack loveseat style benches and all of the wooden, pre-assembled, and stained pieces were $250 and up. I was looking online and kept finding DIY kits that were in the $150 range plus the extra cost of shipping.

So last week I stopped at Atikinson Wood Working in downtown Logan to see if he had anything like that in stock. In case you haven't been in there they offer unfinished furniture and they also do vehicle re-upholstery. Their stuff is quite a bit cheaper than premade and comes in ready to assemble kits, for $20 they will put it together for you and then you just take it home and stain it. I looked through his catalog and showed him what I wanted and it turned out that the company had discontinued that particular style but he had had a woman order one last year and she never came back to pay for it and pick it up. So he sold it to me for $100.

The kit came with all the wood pre-cut and sanded, full set of instructions with detailed pictures, and all the hardware we need. I took it out to my dad's house yesterday and he and I got a great start on it. We are planning on finishing it next Saturday and then I will paint it the Saturday after that.

When it is all done it should roughly look like the following photo, I wanted one with the 2 separate fanned back pieces but that style was much too wide and deep for our porch. I am thinking about painting it "comfort green" or OD green.


Sara said...

That is nice of you to get a seat for the rifraf in your neighborhood to sit when they are too drunk to remember where they live. So thoughtful. jk It is a cute bench and you are so talented. Nice work.

nachista said...

That family got evicted, we're a classy joint now, just semi-naked screaming children and chainsmokers with butt buckets on their porches!

Mindy :) said...

did you happen to see if Atikinson Woodworking had decent priced dining tables??

nachista said...

Mindy, I didn't see any larg dining tables, I was looking at the outdoor furniture catalog but he had a lot of very prettily designed accent pieces in the shop that I liked. I suppose you could call him and see what he has or could get in and what the prices are.

While I was waiting for him to help me I looked at a lot of his pieces and they were all very sturdy, unfinished pine. He had corner cabinets, curios, bunkbeds, dressers, end tables, rocking chairs, dining room chairs, desks, etc.