Friday, March 19, 2010

Wreaths, wreaths and more wreaths

Wednesday I went down to Farr West to have my hair done. Just down the road from my stylist's home/salon is a roadside stand with a spectacular array of wreaths, curly willow bunches and birch bunches.

I found a card and some information but unfortunately I had a arrived after their closing time so couldn't purchase anything.

The owner's name is Lyle Dabb and he sells wreaths, dry flowers, seasonal fruits and vegetables. Apparently his nickname is "The Pumpkin Man", but just about everyone knows him as "The Wreath Guy". His stand is located at 1421 W. Harrisville Rd., Ogden UT 84404 and a contact number is 801.782.7338. He is open for business all year round, Monday through Saturday, 11am to 4pm.  (UPDATE: He also now has an honor system where you can pick what you want and leave a check in a drop box, so stop by any time)

Some of these wreaths were taller than I was and he used a large variety of materials. Check out the photos.

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