Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Raised Garden Beds

I saw a gorgeous raised Garden bed at Anderson's Seed and Garden. It was on legs which is different from most raised beds and it seemed like a good idea, but the price tag didn't thrill me, $250. So I asked my dad if he would be able to make something similar for less. We looked on the internet at various plans for table style raised beds and dad took what he thought were the best aspects of all of them and got to work.

He has made me 2 long and narrow planting boxes out of cedar 1x6s, and 2 very sturdy bases made from 4x4s. The great part is that the boxes easily lift off the bases and dad even included handles that he fashioned from some spare pieces of molding he had in his shop. This way I could just put the boxes on the porch by themselves or I could raise them up if I wanted to keep the dogs out of them. Being able to break them down into different pieces also means that moving them is a lot easier as well.

Currently I am in the process of finishing them at my house right now. The sanding will have to be by hand because one of my neighbors came out of his house last night and told me he'd break my power sander if I didn't stop. #1-It was 6:30 in the evening #2-He plays loud music and loud movies until the wee small hours #3-This is the first time I have EVER made any sort of noise other than conversational talking outside of my house. I understand that it isn't a pleasant noise but I can't do it in the house or the garage and it has to be done somewhere, also I was planning on stopping well before the noise ordinance kicks in at 10pm. I could have kept going, but for the sake of not making waves and not having to deal with my trashy and hippocritical neighbors I shut it off...and this morning my hands and wrists are paying for it.

I have sanded both boxes and got 1 coat of paint on the first box last night. I still need to finish sanding the bases before I can begin to paint those. I am painting both of them the Boston Fern color that I picked out for the bench.

The bench will have to wait to be finished because I really want to get my planting boxes done so I can get them filled and get my lettuce and green onions and spinach and leeks planted in them as soon as possible. I will take photos of the beds tonight so you can see what they look like.

If any of my friends or family in the Logan area are good at free handing little decorative designs I would be more than willing to trade you a massage for coming and dressing up my planting boxes.

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