Wednesday, April 28, 2010


For all you weekend warriors/runners out there here is a big long list of races and fun runs taking places this year in Northern Utah. I believe most of them are in Cache Valley, call the coordinator listed for details, I don't have numbers for all of them but if you do an internet search for the race you will find the contact info.

5K = apx. 3.1 miles. 10K = apx. 6.2 miles.

Race Against Child Abuse 5K, 10K 5/01/10 9:30am Leigh Dean 435.563.4784

Pleasant View Family Run 5k, 1 Mile (walk) 5/08/10 8:00am Kim Folkman 801.391.0179

Smithfield Health Days 5K, 10K 5/08/10 7:30am Kris Monson 435.563.0337

Race for Ability 5k 5/15/10 8:00am Meg Hawks 435.713.0288

Duathlon 2m Run 12mBike 2m Run 5/22/10 9:00am Yolanda Bates 435.245.7962

Cache Valley Biathlon 5M Run/16.5 Bike 6/12/10 8:00am Craig Curtiss

Olympic Sprint Triathlon 6/12/10 8:00am Rachel Robinson

Gunsight Gallop 3 Mile 1M Kids 6/19/10 8:00am Dan Cooper 435.563.3519

Logan Peak Trail Run 28 Miles 6/28/10 6:00am Bruce Copeland 435.752.8995

Blacksmith Fork Freedom Run 15K 7/03/10 7:00am Brian Hunt

CV Super Sprint Triathlon 500M/12.5B/5k 7/01/10 7:00am Jolene Overy 435.713.0514

This is the Race 5K, 1M 7/24/10 7:00am Hyde Park 435.563.6507

Last Chance Sprint Triathlon 500Y/12.5B/5k 8/07/10 7:00am Dan Smith 435.753.7500

Race for Life 5K, 2M 8/07/10 7:30am Tom Remkes 801.629.9891

TOU/2 Half Marathon 13.1 8/28/10 7:00am Kris Siddoway 435.764.2969

Wellsville Founders Day 5K, 10K 9/06/10 7:00 AM Wellsville City 435.245.3686

TOU Marathon 26.2 miles 9/18/10 7:00am Bob Henke 435.753.3064

Bear 100 Ultra 100 M 9/24/10 5:00am Leland Barker 435.563.3647

Duathlon 2m Run 12mBike 2m Run 9/25/10 7:00am Yolanda Bates 435.245.7962

First Dam Run 5K, 10 K 11/06/10 10:00am Keith Grant-Davie 435.755.9543

Turkey Trot 5K, 1 Mile 11/20/10 10:00 AM Smithfield City 563-0048


I have signed up for a boot camp style physical training class. Riding my bike to work and walking the dogs just isn't enough, I need something to kick my butt and really jump start my body. After the free trial class last night I am 100% certain I've found it. Body Rebellion Boot Camp. It was really hard but it wasn't impossible and the trainers and fellow trainees were all really fun and high energy which helps a ton!

If you want to take the class with me it starts tomorrow, Thursday April 28th, at 8pm. It is at the Camp Saver warehouse in Nibley, just west of the Thomas Edison Charter School. The cost is $78 for 12 sessions ($6.50 per session). It runs Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8pm to 9pm for 6 weeks. They also have 2 separate AM sessions that are Monday Wednesday and Fridays for 6 weeks, the 18 session option is $115...but I am not getting up for a 5:30 or 6:30 am class.

You will sweat, you will be exhausted and the day after you will be sore...but you will get results if you work hard.

Cache Valley Swap Meet

Cache Valley now has its very own official Swap Meet! It is most Saturdays and Sundays at the CV Fair Grounds. It is $20 for a stall space for vending, but it is free to get in and browse if you are interested in buying. Check out the website

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


So I finally got the arms on the bench and the assembly portion of the project is completely finished. Here is a photo of the bench with the arms attached.

Kyla's Soccer Game

My niece Kyla is in soccer for the first time and I finally got to see her in action last Saturday. Here are a few photos from that game.

Now I just have to make it to Nicole's track meet to get some photos, and Matt/Elysa/Megan's soccer games for photos and I can have a complete set. One of these days I will actually get around to cleaning up the really junky photos I took at one of Nicole's volleyball games last year and get them posted here...much to her embarassment.

Planter box photos

Here are the photos of the planter boxes/raised beds that I wrote about in my last post. This first one is the side view of the unfinished box on its stand.

This is the view of the inside of the unfinished planter.

This is one of the handles on the end of the unfinished planter.

Here is the other box with one coat of 'Boston Fern' on it. I am going to paint the handles as well but since I need them to lift and turn the box while I'm doing the rest of the painting, the handles will be done very last.

Last night I was hoping to get to get a second coat of paint on the box I started painting on Monday and start painting the other box as well, but my visiting teachers stopped by at 7 and stayed until almost 9, so I didn't get anything accomplished last night. I am hoping it rains during the day and dries out by evening tonight so I can paint, if not I'll have to wait for Saturday.

Once I'm done painting I will staple black weed barrier on all the inside surfaces of the boxes. Then I will fill it with a mix of potting soil, garden soil, and coffee grounds (generously donated by Caffe Ibis*, THANKS RACHEL!). As soon as the good dirt is in I can plant.

My offer for a massage in trade for some decorative painting on the boxes still stands. Of course my far away artistic friends all volunteered but I'm afraid I can't afford to fly them out to do it. So if any of you Cache Valley people feel up to the task I would love to hear from you.

*Coffee grounds make a great fertilizer/soil amendment. They are especially great for acid loving plants like my Hydrangeas** and my new blueberry starts. I don't drink coffee but I can still get grounds from Caffe Ibis. For those of you who don't know, the Ibis is located in downtown Logan at the intersection of Church Street and Federal Avenue. If you would like some free coffee grounds they are more than happy to help out. Just bring in your own container with your first name and phone number on it (I suggest a 5 gallon bucket with a tight fitting lid) and give it to the barrista at the counter and let her know you just want it filled with grounds. They will give you a call when it is full, which usually takes a day or two. My fabulous cousin Rachel works there most afternoons and she is always happy to help. While you are there I suggest you try a mexican hot chocolate (if it is brisk outside) or a mandarin/passionfruit italian soda (it is is warm out).

**Coffee grounds are also a very natural and safe way to cange the color of your hydrangeas from pink to blue, if you have alkaline soil (which we do) which promotes pink, green or white hydrangeas. Not all varieties of hydrangeas will change color but if you start with one like June Bride, Nikko Blue, or Endless Summer (it really does bloom all summer long!) You can use Aluminum Sulfate to achieve the same effect but it is very harsh and can burn or even kill plants if you aren't careful. To get the best color change results I suggest keeping your acid loving plants in a container, not the ground, and continuously add coffee grounds during the growing season.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Raised Garden Beds

I saw a gorgeous raised Garden bed at Anderson's Seed and Garden. It was on legs which is different from most raised beds and it seemed like a good idea, but the price tag didn't thrill me, $250. So I asked my dad if he would be able to make something similar for less. We looked on the internet at various plans for table style raised beds and dad took what he thought were the best aspects of all of them and got to work.

He has made me 2 long and narrow planting boxes out of cedar 1x6s, and 2 very sturdy bases made from 4x4s. The great part is that the boxes easily lift off the bases and dad even included handles that he fashioned from some spare pieces of molding he had in his shop. This way I could just put the boxes on the porch by themselves or I could raise them up if I wanted to keep the dogs out of them. Being able to break them down into different pieces also means that moving them is a lot easier as well.

Currently I am in the process of finishing them at my house right now. The sanding will have to be by hand because one of my neighbors came out of his house last night and told me he'd break my power sander if I didn't stop. #1-It was 6:30 in the evening #2-He plays loud music and loud movies until the wee small hours #3-This is the first time I have EVER made any sort of noise other than conversational talking outside of my house. I understand that it isn't a pleasant noise but I can't do it in the house or the garage and it has to be done somewhere, also I was planning on stopping well before the noise ordinance kicks in at 10pm. I could have kept going, but for the sake of not making waves and not having to deal with my trashy and hippocritical neighbors I shut it off...and this morning my hands and wrists are paying for it.

I have sanded both boxes and got 1 coat of paint on the first box last night. I still need to finish sanding the bases before I can begin to paint those. I am painting both of them the Boston Fern color that I picked out for the bench.

The bench will have to wait to be finished because I really want to get my planting boxes done so I can get them filled and get my lettuce and green onions and spinach and leeks planted in them as soon as possible. I will take photos of the beds tonight so you can see what they look like.

If any of my friends or family in the Logan area are good at free handing little decorative designs I would be more than willing to trade you a massage for coming and dressing up my planting boxes.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Print Sprint; Race and Small Print Sale

April 24th at 9am there will be a Print Sprint. It is a 5k race on the USU campus followed by a small print sale in room FAV 106, all prints at the sale will be $20 and under. I love USU fine arts print sales, they are a great way to get some really unique and original art for your home or business. Click on the link above for more details and registration form for the race.

Gallery Walk

The first warm Gallery Walk of the year is here! Tomorrow night from 6pm-9pm there will be a Gallery Walk in downtown Logan. It is free and there are quite a few locations, if you need a map or directions I suggest stopping by The Sportsman or Fuhriman's Framing.

UPDATE: Just found out that you can pick up a map at the AVA gallery too.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Paint Colors, or as I like to call it "just kill me already"

So I thought picking a paint color for the bench would be easy...I obviously forgot that I am crap at making decisions on stuff like this.

Here is the original spectrum of choices...

After looking at the samples in the shade and the sun I narrowed it down a bit...

Then I thought seeing what the colors looked like against the exterior of the house might help me visualise what the finished effect would be (in the shade and with flash)...

...AND I still can't decide. *sigh* "Mother Nature"(lighter) and "Boston Fern" (darker) both have a warmer yellow tone to them, whereas "Sagey" (lighter) and "Olivine" (darker, matches the curtains in my living room ) both have a cooler grey/blue tint to them. This may end up with me being blindfold and through darts at the samples. Let me know if you have an opinion on the matter.

Kamin Thai

The Kamin Thai restaurant here in Logan is now doing a buffet every Saturday from 11am - 3pm. The price is $7.99 for adults and $4.99 for kids. If you have wanted to try out Kamin but haven't had thai before or just weren't sure what to order, this is a great way to try a little of everything.

Job Opening

Here at Hickman Land Title Co., in Logan Utah, our current typist will be leaving us soon to have a baby. We are currently accepting resumes for that position, all resumes must be accompanied by a type test, see the listing on

You have to register but it is free and relatively easy. It is DWS Job # 8861889. PLEASE remember to click "How To Apply" and read and follow ALL of the instructions, incomplete applications will not be considered for interviews. Also, please use a business appropriate email on your application...hotdancer@hotmail, sexygrrrl6@yahoo, and flowerpower@gmail aren't appropriate. It only takes a few minutes to make a professional sounding email account; consider doing something like firstname.lastname@gmail.

The starting wage is $7.50 with the possiblity of a raise and we have EXCELLENT benefits that include a matching 401K, full health and dental insurance, paid vacation, sick leave, free life insurance policy, $500 free flexspend health account, etc.

Design a Bag

Smith's is sponsoring a contest to design a new reusable shopping bag. click on the link and design your own. Even if you don't win you can still purchase a bag with your design on it, which is pretty cool. You can use your own photos or the backgrounds, stickers, borders, and text that they proved.

These three are my designs. It is kind of fun to try and come up with something new and different.


So April kind of snuck up on me. It has been snowing off and on since the end of March and I've completely lost the motivation to do anything productive. I kept forgetting to charge my camera so I didn't get any photos of Walter's birthday last month or Easter.

Now I've got to get in gear because my mom's birthday is tomorrow and my sister Heather's birthday is Friday. I'm just glad we got our taxes done a while ago so we don't have to spend tonight or tomorrow night trying to get them done. I am looking forward to finally priming and painting my bench this weekend, and I've got my fingers crossed that it stays sunny and warms up a bit so I can do it outside instead of in the garage.

So far this month Molly has tried to kill Annie and we are trying to find a way to keep them both and have them be *sigh* I went to Riverdale with some friends for some good relaxtion in the thermal pools. This past Monday night I got to see Todd Barry live at the Jeanne Wagner theatre and have dinner at Squatters with a great group of people. Now I have nothing fun planned for the rest of the month, probably the rest of the spring or at least until Mike is done with this semester at USU.

In July we are planning a road trip to California, over Pioneer Day weekend. This will be the first time that Mike will meet any of my California relatives and I'm happy that we're finally going, I'm just bummed that he won't be able to meet George, I think he and George would have really liked each other. After getting to know the family in Roseville we are going to drive out to the coast and drive up through Redwoods to the Oregon border and then head home.

April is the Month for:

National Humor Month
Keep America Beautiful Month
Autism Awareness Month
International Guitar Month
National Child Abuse Prevention Month
National Frog Month
National Garden Month
National Volunteer Month
National Mathematics Education Month
National Poetry Month
Stress Awareness Month
Home Inspection Month
Kite Flying Month
National Welding Month
Financial Literacy Month
Car Care Month
Animal Cruelty Prevention Month
Alcohol Awareness Month
Cancer Control Month
Counseling Awareness Month
IBS Awareness Month
Donate Life Month (Organ Donation)
Sarcoidosis Awareness Month
Sports eye Safety Month
STD Awareness Month
Women's Eye Health And Safety Month
Sexual Assault Awareness Month
National Holocaust Awareness Month
National Uh-Huh Month
National Anxiety Month

*Flower of the Month: Daisy, Sweet Pea
*Birthstone of the Month: Diamond, White Sapphire
*Moon: Egg Moon, Grass Moon, Hare Moon

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Baby Animal Days

It is that time of year again...Baby Animal Days at the American West Heritage Center in Wellsville. Tomorrow through Saturday they will have bear cubs tomorrow and Friday. There were be reptiles provided by the Reptile Rescue on Saturday only.

It is $5.50 per person for kids 3-11 and $8.50 per person for adults, and you can purchase tickets at the center or at Macey's in Providence or online through the link above.