Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dad's Birthday

My father turned 88 this year on July 18th. The Saturday before his birthday we got together at his cabin up Logan Canyon for a little party. We got Fredrico's pizza and garlic bread, my mom made a cake, and Stacey made a yummy salad. All my siblings except one could make it and he and his family are excused because they live in Seattle and that is too long of a drive for a pizza dinner.

It reminded me of all the "family home evenings" we used to have at the cabin. Dad would put us all in the jeep, stop at Fredrico's to pick up dinner and then we would eat out on the deck. When it got dark we would move inside to the living room and light a fire and play games until it was time to go home.

The Birthday Boy

Everyone hanging out on the deck.

Matt tackling Caden while Tate laughs.

Last summer my dad brought up to the cabin the old swingset that we had played on at home when we were kids. It is still as fun as it ever was.

Nicole hates having her photo taken.

Tate fell asleep before the party even started.

Tate loves uncle Rob!

Tate LOVED the tire swing.

Mike went fishing, ended up getting very wet.

After dinner we walked up the hill to the rope swing...only someone had cut it down, sad.

Relay For Life

July 9th and 10th was the Cache Valley Relay For Life. If you aren't familiar with Relay, it is an event to raise money for cancer research and it is sponsored by The American Cancer Society. People start walking the relay for their team Friday afternoon and they try to have at least one person from each team walking the track at all times for 24 hours.

My cousin Darcie has recently been receiving treatment for breast cancer and her brother Deon put together a relay team to help show support for her. Team Darcie had the most registered walkers this year. I stopped by Friday night to walk for a little bit and visit with the family. I also walked a little Saturday morning. I would have gotten a few more photos but my camera was on the blink and not wanting to work properly.

The whole event raised about $75,000 for research, not too shabby.

Here is the campsite for Team Darcie!

Everyone set up luminaries around the track for someone who has cancer or died from cancer, this was Darcie's. When it got dark they put electric votive candles in all of them and turned off the track lights, it was beautiful.

Some of the members of Team Darcie hanging out.

Here is my Aunt Marion (Darcie's Mom) and my Mom.

This is my sister Holly and her kids.

My cousin Darren getting ready for one of the theme laps "Wig Walk"

Darcie's daughter Carlie getting ready for the "wig walk"

Deon's daughter Audrey getting into the spirit of the theme walks.

Bedtime for the smallies! Half the fun is camping out overnight with everyone.

My Grandma The Artist

My Grandma Margaret died in 1991. I LOVED her so much and I have so many memories of sleepovers at her house, playing under her desk at the office, shopping with her, playing in her yard and laying on the floor of her living room watching cartoons on a Saturday morning.

When she passed away my parents completely cleaned out her house and remodeled it. A ton of stuff was thrown away or donated to charity, but my parents did take a lot of it to their home for storage. Last year my mom was going through some of it and asked if anyone wanted it. I took a folder marked "China Patterns" that was stuffed with yellowing papers, old photos, and a little notebook.

Inside the envelope I found a piece of blue construction paper that had been folded up and wedged into the bottom under everything else. When I unfolded it I found a drawing that Grandma had done in 1917, she would have been about 15 years old. What was great is that she had used that back of the picture as a test palette of colors and she had taped a practise pattern for her china painting class that she was taking.

I took it to Sue Fuhriman at Fuhriman's Framing & Fine Art (75 S. Main St., Logan). I wanted to be able to see the back of the photo and Sue obliged by mountin glass front and back.

Here is the finished piece.

Meet Peri

Here is my sweet new ride...

It is a '97 Chevy Lumina and I have named it Peri, because it is Periwinkle blue. We have an agreement, I don't call it names and it doesn't die for 3 years. Yes it is roughly the size of a whale.

Thar Be Dragons

Some snapdragon seeds took hold in the cracks between the wall of Zions Bank and the driveway. We have our own mini "urban jungle" out there now. This is almost as good as the dinosaur scene someone set up in the pothole out on the street. Beats having weeds growing there.

Finished Planter Boxes

Well they are finally painted AND planted. The cedar planter boxes are now filled with Peppermint, Rosemary, Cilantro, Green Onions, 2 different types of Basil, Chives, and Parsley.

I forgot to crossbrace the corners and one of the boxes is separating a little bit, so I still have to get a bracket and fix that. Also the very bottom of the feet aren't painted, but at this point it can wait til next spring.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Local Charity Fundraiser @ Arthouse Cinema 7/29/10

The Logan Arthouse and Cinema A charity event to help donate an ambulance to Guatemala, July 29, @ Logan Art House and Cinema located at 795 N. Main. Will include a jazz musician, a comedy act, and a three rock band concert between 4:30 and 10 p.m. All proceeds will go towards Charity 9-1-1 Guatemala project to transport an ambulance to a rural hospital of La Tinta, Guatemala. The entry fee is any dollar amount or baby toy donation at the door.

For more information check out their website

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fundraiser to help local 25 year old father of 2.

Help for a Stout heart

It started with heart palpitations and sporadic fainting spells. Now the 25-year-old father of two, Stewart Stout, passes out 20 to 40 times a day for minutes on end. Stout suffers from multiple heart conditions that cause abnormal heart rhythms putting him at risk of heart failure, strokes, and blood clots. He has undergone countless treatments and five open heart surgeries to find and fix the defect but nothing has cured him. Doctor’s are baffled, says family friend and neighbor Jessica Taufer.

“The doctors told him the next thing he needs to do is go to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota because that’s where the heart specialists are,” she says. “That is his only chance of getting fixed at this point.”

The $10,000 cost of travel and treatment from the center is a financial burden on the family as Stout has been unable to work for the past year. Taufer and other neighbors and friends have organized a dinner and auction to raise the funds needed to get Stout well. They have been thrilled with the local support as their original spaghetti dinner was upgraded to a catered meal of pasta and salad from Firehouse Pizzeria, bread from Old Grist Mill and desserts from Casper’s Malt Shoppe.

“It’s been really great to work with everybody,” she says. “We’ve had a ton of restaurants giving gift cards we had like 25 things from the movie theaters and just a lot of gifts. We have things from Curves and Sugar ‘n Spice and candles.”

The event will have a big impact not only for Stout, but also for his family who have recently suffered from their own medical problems. His wife, Cierra, is to undergo stomach surgery and his one year old son needs surgery for a hernia. The family's newest member was born eight weeks premature and has been in and out of the hospital since. “This could really change their lives if he could get his heart fixed and go back to work,” Taufer says.

The dinner and auction will be held Saturday, July 31 at the Smithfield North Stake Center 155 west 400 north. Everyone is invited to come help the family.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

We want pierogis!

There is a small but dedicated group of pierogi lovers in Cache Valley that are trying to persuade Mark, the owner of the pastry shop Sweetly Divine, into serving pierogis. Stop by the shop (canolis, napoleans, and florentines are all highly recommended) and let him know you want pierogis on the menu!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Cache County Fair (Aug. 12-14)

It is getting to be that time of year again, the 2010 Cache County Fair and Rodeo is just around the corner. This year the fair and rodeo will be held August 12, 13 and 14 at the Cache County Fair Grounds in Logan.

Fair Admission is free, but you can buy advanced tickets for the Carnival and Rodeo at the Cache County Administration Building, Macey's Grocery Store, IFA Country Store, or Petersen's Country Store. Don't forget the 4-H/FFA Junior Livestock Auction Saturday morning, a great way to get some quality meat at wholesale prices AND help out some kids who have worked REALLY hard all year long.

See the County Clerk's Website for more details.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

RIP truck - In need of a new vehicle...

Well, she finally died. My '91 Toyota truck died Monday. The head gasket is broken and antifreeze leaked into the cylinders and seized the engine. I LOVED this truck, even though it had no A/C, hand crank windows, the speakers on the drivers side didn't work, and there has been a tape frozen in the tape deck since I bought it. It was a POS but it was MY POS and it had style.

So now I am looking for a reliable and safe used vehicle for $2000 or under that won't leave me smelling like gas/oil every time I get in it and/or cost me a fortune just to keep running. I'm hoping to find something that gets decent gas mileage that will last me at least 3 years.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


"Love should always end with HOPE." Love without hope is not love, but merely a pale imitation. I love my friends and family and I have great hopes for them.

So if it is illness, loss, layoff, death, betrayal, accident, divorce, foreclosure, or life's myriad of other miseries...have HOPE my friends, and know that if you are reading this, you are loved.

There is no darkness that hope cannot illuminate. If I could lay my hands on your problems and solve them for you I would, I may not be able to fix things but I can offer arms to hug, ears to listen, and shoulders to help bear the burdens.

Keep HOPE alive.

Friday, July 09, 2010


The following link is a local news article about some girls that live down the road from my parents. I think it is awesome what they have accomplished.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

White Pine Lake Trail - 7/7/10

Yesterday I went hiking with my friend Becca, her dog Otis, and my niece Nicole. We drove up Logan Canyon to Tony Grove Lake and took the trail over the hill to White Pine Lake. It was about 7.5 miles round trip. We made really good time considering we stopped to eat dinner at the lake and had a couple breaks on the way back from the lake, we started right at 4pm and got back to the car at 8:45pm.

The weather was warm but not too hot and there was a nice breeze for most of the hike. The alpine meadows that we passed through were still really green and the wild flowers are really starting to bloom up that way, it really made me wish my little point and shoot had macro, most of my flower shots came out overexposed or blurry. At the lake there is a large beaver dam at the north end and we actually saw the beaver out swimming on the lake.

There were quite a few campers in the sites at White Pine and one group had brought a whole string of pack goats. I tried to get some photos of the goats but my camera sucks to begin with and the battery was starting to die at that point, so they are really blurry. These goats were HUGE! We also passed a lot of mountain bikers and a couple of people who rode in on horses. There were about half a dozen people fishing on the lake, but my favorite part was all the tangled fishing line in the trees along the shore line.

We all had a good time and I want to thank Becca and Colie for putting up with me and being such good sports. Otis was well behaved and met lots of new friends. I am always pleased at how polite and friendly our fellow trail users are and this trip was no different.

Becca and Otis contemplating the blue goo.

You are here ------>

You want to go here ------>

Our fearless group of adventurers.

View looking back at the Tony Grove Lake car park.

There were boulders everywhere along the trail, some small and other as big or bigger than a car. I don't know where they came from or how they ended up strewn across the mountainside, but I suspect they were left by ancient glaciers. It is entirely possible that I am completely wrong, it happens all the time, but it's a theory.

Be prepared to see the backsides of these two in most of these photos.

We jumped across several streams, Otis tended to jump right in.

Some of the lovely flowers we saw along the path.

Becca being fabulous!

We're half way there...again.

View looking towards Logan Canyon.

On the decent into the valley where the lake was.

Can anyone tell me what is wrong with this tree?

I hate this shirt, I may burn this shirt, I look pregnant...I look like a big nerdy pregnant dork. I am NOT pregnant, I am however a big nerdy dork.

The 2 best things about this photo are 1-The completely unimpressed look on Nicole's face and 2-that Becca is willing to do these silly poses to make me happy.

More cool...yet blurry flowers. These kind of looked like tiny yellow fuchia flowers, I have no idea what they are, but my camera didn't like them.

I think this tree has leprosy, all its skin has fallen off and is laying in a huge heap at the base of its trunk.

Ok forest ranger people, PLEASE take a chunk out of this fallen tree so I don't have to embarass myself trying to climb over it. Some of us have short legs!

The wet and wild way to go...we went the other way.


More Goats!

Ahhhh dinner.

White Pine is REALLY green.

Someone let one heck of a tree bass get away from them.

Beaver dam.

If you look REALLY hard you might be able to spot the 4 people fishing along the shore.