Friday, August 27, 2010


So the houses in our subdivision are only 8 feet apart from one another. We have side yards with 6' tall privacy fences inbetween, and each house gets either a half or a whole side yard designated for their privated use. Our kitchen windows face the wall of our neighbor's house, over our 8 foot wide half side yard.

Today I came home at lunch to let the dogs out and found that our neighbor had decided to punch a hole in the wall of their garage and put in a window that looks directly into our kitchen. They entered our part of the yard without permission and moved my stuff around to do it. Now we have no privacy in our home at all.

The kitchen was the last place in the house were we didn't have to put blinds or drapes on the windows for privacy...the last place where we could have natural light and look outside without anyone else being able to look in. In a housing development this small this is a VERY uncool move, it would be the equivalent of living in a duplex and having the other side put a window in the joint wall looking into your half.

So now I'm looking for ideas of how to block their window without having to put curtains or blinds on I can still ENJOY my side yard and the natural light. I am kind of leaning towards putting two tall and narrow potted trees (like a dwarf evergreen of something) right in front of their window and drape a privacy screen between them. I can't erect a permanent structure but potted plants aren't permanent.

Any ideas?

I am also thinking about putting a big planter box there and filling it with giant sunflowers and lots of creeping vines...or seeing if I can't find a rolling chalkboard or something like it at the DI and putting it right there...I could leave them messages about what stellar neighbors they are.

Of course if I just wander around naked all the time they might decided to frost their window to prevent their kids from seeing it...

Cache Celtic Festival & Highland Games - THIS WEEKEND!

Friday August 27th through Saturday August 28th the American West Heritage Center in Wellsville, UT is hosting the 2nd Annual Cache Celtic Festival & Highland Games. There will be trad music, dancing, vendors, food, kids activities, story telling, bag pipe competition and much more.

Go to and click on the link for the Cache Celtic Festival & Highland Games for more info. Or go to the Utah Scottish Association's website

Thursday, August 26, 2010

County Fair Photos

Better late than never! I have a ton of photos to sort through and get posted on here, so I am starting with the oldest and working my way current.

Here are a couple photos of the exhibit submitted by my friend Becca to the Cache County Fair...

Way to go Becca!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's Boot Camp time again!

Body Rebellion Boot Camp is gearing up for its fall 2010 sessions!

They are offering 2 monday/wednesday/friday sessions, one at 5:30-6:30am and the other at 6:30-7:30am, $115 per 6 week session (18 classes in total). They are also offering 1 tuesday/thursday night session that are from 8 to 9pm, $78 per 6 week session (12 classes in total.

A FREE trial class will be held for each of the sessions on the following dates/times: Friday Aug. 20th @ 5:30am, Friday Aug. 20th @ 6:30am, and Thursday Aug. 19th @ 8pm. These classes are 100% free of charge and there is no obligation...just come and see what boot camp is all about and get a great butt-kicking workout.

I will be registering, so call or email me if you want to come to the free class with me and try it out. The trainers are fantastic, the schedule is easy to keep up with, they provide a healthy eating guide that really keeps you on track, the other boot campers are friendly and fabulous, the workouts have great variety so you never get board, and body rebellion gives away tons of free stuff...last session I won a gift certificate for a totally free session which I am using this time around.

Warning, it may make you sore, it may make you not want to get out of bed to go, but it WORKS! I lost weight and inches, gained strength and endurance, I slept better and woke up earlier without feeling tired (sore yes, tired no). My only regret is that they didn't have a summer session.

See their website for more details:

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Logan Art House Cinema

Starting tonight and running through Saturday the Logan Art House Cinema is presenting the Logan Youth Shakespeare group in "Romeo & Juliet". Show begins at 7pm. See the LAHC Facebook page or website for more details

Monday, August 09, 2010

Digging For Fun

My little sister took her kids to experience the Archaelogy field day that the USU Museum of Anthropology put on last Saturday. She also invited my oldest sister's kids, who just happened to be with me at the time, erego she invited me as well.

The Anthropology students had set up several stations on the quad, right outside the main entrance to Old Main. There was kid friendly hands-on activities including atl-atls, cordage, basket weaving, primitive corn grinding, surveying, excavation, stratigraphy, and artifact identification.

The different stations were fun for parents and kids and at the excavation station the kids got a prize for unearthing all the hidden artifacts.

The only downer was that we started at the stratigraphy table and were given bottles of water to drink, which when empty we were going to fill with different layers of colored sand to represent the different layers of earth you would go through on a dig, with little tiny artifacts to show different periods of time...but by the time we finished drinking the water they had taken down that station and we couldn't finish it. Other than that everyone had a really good time.

Aggie Kids!

Getting our instructions for surveying the site.

Marking the artifacts we found on our survey.

Mapping the survey site and writing down our discoveries.

Digging for artifacts.

Matt trying his hand at the primitive corn griding, which he promptly declared "woman's work" which earned him a quick swat on the bum.

Rewards for finding all the buried artifacts.

The rope Matt made at cordage.

Friday, August 06, 2010


A good friend of mine recently sent me the following link...

I fell in love with Hawai'i at a very young age and have always been impressed with love, generosity, and openess of the Hawaiian people. I've study lomilomi a little bit and Mike is a student of the Japanese martial art Aikido, so this website really piqued my interest.

Under the "What is Huna" section there is a link for "Ho'oponopono". This practise immediately resonated with me as something that I need in my life. I hate change, I have a hard time letting go of old issues that should be done and buried, it is also difficult to truly forgive and release the emotional pain associated with what is being forgiven and then learning to trust that person again.

This also made me think of a couple of good friends who are going through trying periods in their lives right now and how this could benefit them.

I am going to try this tonight and I think the first person I am going to work on is, myself. When I work that out then I think I can move on to making it right with everyone else.

Can't we all do with a little more peace, forgiveness, and harmony in our lives?

Something I keep watching over and over again...

The following video is from the Wednesday night airing of "So You Think You Can Dance" on Fox. It is a contemporary dance routine featuring one of the contestants and one of their "all-stars". Every season there seems to be one choreography from the show that really wows me and that I connect with. This is that piece for this season.

Click on the video to open a screen to watch it on YouTube. The person who originally uploaded the video disabled embedding, you have to watch it on the youtube site.

(just forward through all the rehearsal B.S. and watch the choreography)

Monday, August 02, 2010

Fun stuff around the valley

The American West Heritage Center in Wellsville is having several fun family activities this week and next, (Star Party, Wild West Shakespeare, Shoshone Indian Days) check out their website for more information

This week is the last week of the 2010 Utah Festival Opera season, get tickets and information at the Ellen Eccles Theatre in downtown Logan or go to

The Old Barn Community Theatre in Collinston, UT presents "Seven Brides For Seven Brothers", playing through August 14th. It is directed by my sister-in-law's sister. But tickets or get more information at

The Cache County Fair And Rodeo will run Aug. 12th through Aug. 14th. You can buy advanced tickets for the Carnival and the Rodeo at the Cache County Administrative building in downtown Logan or online at Don't forget the 4-H/FFA Junior Livestock Auction on Aug. 14th from 8am-1pm in the livestock Arena. It is a lot of fun and a great way to get some great meat at a great price and help out some really great kids who have worked very hard all summer.

The Cache Valley Gardener's Market runs every Saturday through October at Merlin Olsen Park on "the island" in Logan from 9am to 1pm. Live music, and vendors selling crafts, clothes, breakfast/lunch items, jewelry, fresh fruit & veg, etc. More information at

The Farm Fresh Market in Richmond. Richmond City and Rockhill Creamery (makers of phenomenal artisan cheeses) sponsor this farmers market every Saturday at the historic Rockhill farm at 563 South State Street, Richmond. Market is held from 10am to 2pm, visit the website for more info or

Texas Roadhouse fundraiser, TONIGHT!!!
Trent Rasmussen, a former Cache Valley resident and Providence City council member, was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Sarcoma. He has recently undergone a second round of chemo and a massive surgery to remove a very large tumor from his hip. He is now relearning to walk and get around independently. This has left a devastating impact on his family financially. Help support Trent’s family by dining at ‘Texas Roadhouse’ – Monday afternoon from 4p.m. to 10p.m. When you mention Trent’s name, 10 % will be donated to the Rasmussen family.

Faded Paper Figures w/Libbie Linton, Buffalo @ Why Sound, August 6, 2010 8:00 PM
Location: 30 Federal Ave. Logan UT, 84321
Phone: 435-363-4700
Event Description

SNC Music in the Canyon, August 7, 2010, 5p.m. to 8p.m.
Stokes Nature Center invites adults to join them on Saturday from 5p.m. to 8p.m. for “Music in the Canyon” an entertaining, educational and interactive evening of acoustic music for anyone interested in an unplugged jam. Participants can bring their instrument of choice, or just come to listen. The program fee is $3 ($2.50 for members). For more information: (435-755-3239) or visit

Smithfield Concert in the Park, August 7, 2010
Smithfield City’s annual “Concert in the Park” series presents country artist Mark Gibbons. Concerts begin at 7p.m. at Central Park (25 N 25 W). In case of bad weather, concerts will be moved to the Smithfield Youth Center (50 N 50 W).

Hike Stump Hollow to Peter Sinks, August 14, 2010 8:00 AM
Location: Carpool from the southwest corner of Smith's parking lot on 700 North and Main. Phone: 435-753-0130
Join Cache Hikers in a hike to the Peter Sinks area for lunch and return. These large depressions are famous for their record cold last winter. About 10 miles roundtrip and 1500 feet elevation gain. Bring lunch and water, as well as sun and rain protection. Everyone is welcome! For more information call Jennifer 753-0130.


Who wants to go hiking? I haven't been a few weeks and I REALLY want to get out and get on the trail...any trail.

Call/email/text me if you want to go and let me know the best day/time for you and what trail(s) you would like to try. I still haven't done any of the Wellsville hikes or anything in Green Canyon and North.

I am turning into a boring air conditioning addicted slug, I need to get back to the mountains.

Happy Birthday August Babies!

This month we have almost as many birthdays as last month:

My nephew Cardon - Aug. 9th

My mother-in-law Trina - Aug. 12th

My niece Gretchyn - Aug. 14th

My sister Kristeen - Aug. 19th

My friend Sara M - Aug. 23rd

My brother Dave - Aug. 24th

Tough Enough To Wear Pink Fundraiser