Thursday, April 28, 2011

Brit fix

If you are in Northern Utah and looking for party supplies for a Royal Wedding viewing party, or just want a taste of the Isles, you are in luck.

There are 2 British markets, an English Tea Shop, and an English Chip Shop along the Wasatch front.

In Salt Lake you can find The London Market across the street East from Trolley Square. They sell English candy, biscuits, condiments, crisps (potato chips), sodas/beverages, souvenirs, flags, party crackers, toys, art, and a large assortment of frozen British foods (sausage rolls anyone?). Website:

Right next door is Elizabeth's Bakery & Tea Shop. They offer hot tea, baked goods, and some lunch items like pies, pasties, and sausage rolls. (801) 433-1170

In Layton you can find A Little Taste Of Britain which is a combination market and Chip Shop. The menu is 98% deep fried and fairly extensive for the size of the shop. The fish was good and the chips were OK...all in all the closest thing to the fish and chips I had over the pond. For dessert they do have deep fried mars bars and Twinkies. The market isn't as extensive as London Market but is decent enough (although when I was there they ran out of lilt, but no one's perfect). Located on Main street across from the old Hometown Buffet restaurant and Beto's. Call before going, the hours on their website aren't accurate.


Just in case these fine establishments are out of Lilt *ahem* you can make your own at home. It isn't exactly the same, but it is close enough to hit the spot. The basic recipe goes like this. In a large pitcher come one 2 liter bottle of Squirt soda and one large can of Pineapple juice with the juice of 2 large lemons. Stir and serve over ice. If you really need a recipe check out mine on

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