Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hat Party

We had a Make-Your-Own-Silly-Wedding-Hat Party last night. We watched the highlights of the royal wedding and paid close attention to the guests hats and then created our own engineering marvels. Then we had scones, chomp bars, and my version of Lilt. We are saving our hats and if/when the weather ever warms up we are going to have a silly hat garden party.

*Someone needs to invent an instant "double chin remover" editing tool, they'd be rich!

Caden was feeling left out, so I let him wear my hat.

We used dollar store headbands (3 for $1), crepe paper, tissue paper, scrapbook paper, wired ribbon, stick on gems, pipe cleaners, paper flowers, fabric butterflies, tulle, netting, curling ribbon, and a glue gun.

You can use what ever craft materials you have...felt, fabric scraps, floral wire, buttons, glitter, edging shears, silk flowers, double sided tape, foam hat forms, etc.

It was a relatively cheap and fun way to pass an evening. If you don't like the finished product you can deconstruct it and use most of the elements again to create something different.

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