Monday, May 16, 2011

Event lists are coming

It was kind of a nice lazy weekend. I didn't get much done because Mike and I went to the free day down at the the Logan Gun Range Friday night, ate at Texas Roadhouse after (Thanks Stacey & Rob!), and then I went to movie night at my sister Holly's house.

Saturday I drove the Willys in Smithfield's Health Days Parade, went to the Cache Valley Gardener's Market (pupusas for brunch, mmmmmmmmm), cleaned, and then we went to THOR in 2d (much better than the ineffectual digital 3d version).

After the hectic schedule of graduation last weekend it was nice to just veg. Unfortunately having no motivation to get out and do something also meant I wasn't checking calendars and schedules for things to do, and I didn't produce any lists. That is my project tonight while I'm doing laundry.

For any family members that still want to go and do some cleaning at Dave's house, I left a 3 gallon water cooler full of water on their kitchen counter, and a bucket to put it in while you are cleaning, until the water gets turned on. There are also some yard and garden tools, a vacuum, and some cleaning supplies that are mine. I will be picking up the vacuum and some of the supplies tonight but I'll leave most of them until Saturday if you want to use them.

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