Wednesday, May 25, 2011


So I'm lousy at giving hints and most people I know don't take hints well. My birthday is coming up next month, no you don't have to get me anything...just shower me with love and devotion! But if you feel you really must get me a gift, I like private jets, diamonds, polo ponies, fast cars, big trucks, private islands and Exile Cycles custom motorcycles.

If that stuff is out of your price range then check this out...

That is my wishlist. Stuff I like, stuff I want, stuff I need. You can sort the list by priority, price (low to high, or high to low), most recently added, or items recently updated. I've got 14 pages of stuff ranging in price from $3 to $500.

Everyone should have one of these, it takes the guess work out of gift giving. It is free to register and start your own and people can search for you by name or email address.

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