Monday, May 09, 2011

Mike's Graduation

Saturday, May 7th, my husband Mike received his undergraduate degree in History with a minor in Portuguese. He walked in the main university commencement ceremony in the morning and in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences commencement in the afternoon.

In between ceremonies his mother, Trina, hosted a lunch at her house for him and everyone that went to the morning ceremony. We are all very proud of everything he has accomplished. A big "Thank You!" goes out to all the friends and family that have supported Mike while he was going to school!

Here are some photos from the big day. These are the ones from my old junky camera, I will post better photos when I get copies from his parents and his grandparents. I used his grandmother's camera to get the photos of his name being called and them handing him is degree.

Mike "walking" into the morning commencement ceremony in the Spectrum

Mike's niece Rylee. She was a very good girl through all 2 hours of the morning ceremony!

Where's Mike?

Here is a close up of the previous photo, can you see him now?

Mike leaving the morning commencement

The graduate posing for photos after the morning ceremony was over.

Mike and his parents.

Mike and Rylee, she wasn't so sure about the get up.

Mike and his grandmother Janet. I let Rylee take this photo.

Mike and his sister Stacey.

Mike and Stacey and Rylee.

Mike's cake at the lunch.

Mike walking in to the afternoon commencement ceremony, another "where's waldo" shot.

Mike and his grandmother Janet at the afternoon commencement ceremony.

Mike and his grandfather Reed.

Mike and his mother.

Mike and his degree!

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