Thursday, May 12, 2011

My Grandma Toni

Here are some photos of my maternal grandmother Toni. I don't know how many times I've seen some of these but I never really LOOKED at them before now. If any of my family members know more about these photos, please share what you know. If you have any old photos that aren't here, please let me know so I can get copies.

In this one I think she looks a little like Megan C.

And in this I think she looks like Rachel G.

This is my absolute favorite photo that I've ever seen of her. It is small and a little blurry but there is something extremely beautiful about her in it. She is sitting next to my grandfather and holding her first born child, my aunt Marion.

Grandma, Marion (so cute!), and Grandpa

Grandpa, Uncle Tommy, Aunt Marion, Mom, Grandma. There is something about my mom's eyes and eyebrows in this photo that remind me of Elayna.

This is a family reunion, I can identify 7 people but I don't know the rest.

My uncle Walter who died from measles when he was very young. Doesn't he look a little like Tate?

Uncle Tom, Mom, Aunt Marion, 5 of their half sisters (I know if I try to name them all I will get it wrong), Grandma and Grandpa

Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Marion, Uncle Del, and Del's parents (I love his mom's dress in this photo!)

Aunt Marion's whole wedding party. Looks like everyone was having fun, except for the one bridesmaid who is giving the stink eye.

Grandma Toni, Mom, Dad, Grandma Margaret, Great-Grandma Rebecca.

Mom, Uncle Tom, Aunt Marion, Grandma

I think the little girl is Heidi, but I'm not sure.

Ok so this is NOT my grandmother in this photo. My grandfather was first married to a woman named Isabelle who passed away. Seriously, how did she get her hair that big without a blowdryer, curling irong and some industrial strength hairspray?

Then he married a widow named Lavonne (sp?) who also passed away, and then he married my grandmother. This is Lavonne and my Grandpa, I don't know for sure which of my aunts they are holding, although I believe it may be Gwen.

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