Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ok so I lied...

I am not going to do event lists this week. Since the weather has sort of been cooperating I've been busy trying to prune, feed, weed, spruce up, clean, water, train, tidy, and tame the container garden, planter boxes, trees, yard exterior of the house and flower bed. Even though it is a little space we still haven't had a chance to do anything with it because it has either been crappy weather or we've had a hectic weekend/work/family schedule.

I'd do it tomorrow night but I'm going hiking with Becca! Anyone who wants to join us, send me a message on my cell before 5pm tomorrow and I'll fill you in on the details. If the weather severely misbehaves we will push it back to Thursday.

Here are a few quick reminders...

Friday the USU Extension is offering an Apple Tree Grafting class at the AWHC. Call 435-752-6263 for more information.

Friday the USU Herbarium is having an introductory class on identifying edible mushrooms


Friday and Saturday there will be a massive USU Moving Out Garage Sale in the Nelson Fieldhouse with all proceeds going to Engineers Without Borders. Clothing, furniture, appliances, gadgets, toys, games, and more.

Don't forget that this Saturday is the third week of the Cache Valley Gardener's Market in Merlin Olsen Park! Lots of heirloom plant starts, fresh greens, crafts, accessories, art, treats, live music, and more for sale.

Saturday is also Black and White Days in Richmond...guess who got roped into driving the Willys again, text me if you want to ride with me, the parade is at 4pm so we'll leave Logan around 3ish.

The Cache Hikers will host a loop hike via Little Cottonwood Canyon and Willow Creek trails on Saturday. This is a moderate trip of approximately 6 miles and 1100 feet elevation gain. Bring food, water, appropriate clothing, and a donation for gas if carpooling. Call 435-760-5049 for more information.

This is just a small sampling of what is going on this weekend. Check the links in my Events tab for more information. There are dinners, breakfasts, charity motorcycle rides, dances, fun runs, garage sales, concerts, parades, seminars, and much more...almost every town in the valley has something going on this weekend.


nachista said...

It weirds me out a little that I have over 2,000 views and hardly anyone ever comments. I expected a couple lurkers but this is ridiculous. Some days I don't know why I bother posting anything.

nachista said...

I post and no one comments. I don't post and no one comments. I know of about 5 people who check in here and 3 of them are family members.

Recently I've been thinking of taking this down altogether.