Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Online Recipe Box

So in just about every room of my house you will find recipes...fancy famous chef cookbooks, hand scribbled recipes, recipe cards, church ward cookbooks, print outs from gourmet magazine (RIP), etc.

Hundreds and hundreds of recipes jumbled up around my house, I can never find what I need. I tried to enter them into word, but then I would have to be at my house to access them. So while browsing one of my favorite blogs, Confessions of a Pioneer Woman, I learned that on the food blog section of her site you can enter and track your own recipes. This section is called Tasty Kitchen and this is the link.

You can make the recipes private and then only you can view them when you log in, but you can still access them from anywhere that you have an internet connection. Or you can make them public and anyone can see them, I chose this option so that if a coworker, friend or family member asked for a recipe I can just shoot them an email with the link in it...instead of trying to dig out the recipe or trying to find and then copy and paste the word file.

They do have a few rules if you make your recipes public:

*They like you to search before you enter a recipe to make sure you aren't duplicating one that is already on the site.
*They do not want you to enter any copyrighted recipes (basically anything published in a book or magazine). *They want you to give credit where credit is due...if this is grandma, mom's, uncle Bob's, or next door neighbor Betty's recipe, let people know.
*They like photos, you aren't required to upload a photo but it helps.
*Capitalize all your ingredients in your ingredient list, but do not capitalize them in the recipe instructions.
*If you list a package or bottle or box of something, please state the approximately size of the packaging (ie. 2 lb. bag of frozen potatoes, 20 oz. bottle sprite, 3.3 oz. box of pudding mix., etc)

Here is a link to my recipe box...

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