Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lawn Care Un-Professional

Before our HOA switched management to Brent Bevan of American Real Estate we had a very fast, efficient, and good lawn care provider in the Fiefias. They were on time every week and never took more than an hour to do the common areas surrounding the 30 plus small homes in our subdivision. The lawns always looked awesome and we didn't have to worry about cleaning up after them or them taking forever to finish.

These are photos of the aftermath of his new "lawn care guy", if I knew his name or the name of his "service" I would post it here and tell you not to hire him. This guy came last weekend and worked for about an hour, that was the first time anyone had down anything with our lawns all spring, the lawns had needed to be mowed and fertilized way back in April. He came again today and was here for over 4 hours and then left and left the lawns in our section looking like this.

He mowed one strip of the lawn in front of our house before leaving.

The grass was so deep that Annie hated walking it.

The grass in these lawns was up to 8 inches high in some spots

Here the lawn guy came back at 4:30 and worked for several more hours. Sorry but it shouldn't take 7 hours to get a project like this done.

No one has fertilized, aerated, or sprayed for weeds on any of the common areas. The lawn in front of our house is about 75% crabgrass.

There is a garden in there somewhere.

4 hours of listening to a lawn mower and it isn't even finished. I am going to spend a small fortune on Excedrin this summer.

Guess I have ANOTHER job to add to the many...fixing the lawns after our lawn care provider butchers them. So much for having any free time at all on Saturdays. He doesn't edge, bag, or blow the clippings back into the lawn so we can walk around without tracking grass everywhere.

And, joy of joys, the renter in the 2 houses east of us have yet to pick up the feces from their combined total of 4 dogs for ALL WINTER. There is 7 months worth of poop from 4 small dogs...delightful. At least the felons and the drug addict family have moved out of the neighborhood. Although I'm sure when the lawn guy actually finished mowing that the lawn mower chopped up a bunch of the hidden treasures.

If we could afford anywhere else we would not be here.

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