Friday, June 24, 2011


...I has it. For now.

Here is my current project, I have about 50 of them going on, but this is the big one that I am trying to get done before my mom leaves for Hawai'i and I'm stuck trying to finish it on my own.

Thank heavens for mom! And aunts! Pssst, Marion, don't be surprised if I show up at your door with a half finished dress begging for help.


Unknown said...

Nachista, I love your pattern. I have a few boxes of old patterns, with at least a couple very similar to yours. On my list of things to do...using some of those very same patterns. Jane

janej78 said...

Nachista, I love your pattern. I've been collecting patterns from the 30s,40s and 50s for years and several are very similar to yours. On my list of things to do...use some of those patterns. I bet you'll do a terrific job, you'll look great and everyone will love your dress. Jane

rings90 said...

Can I put a special order in for one?

nachista said...

Erika, now I understand why good dresses cost so much...and why its been about 5 years since I last made a dress (even then I had my aunt and not my mom help). I suck at this. We needed to keep the edges of all the seams from fraying, I wanted to use the serger, my mom made me use the zigzag stitch on her sewing machine, I nearly lost it. Zigzag stitch is not my friend.

nachista said...

The dress isn't hemmed, it doesn't have the yoke or the sleeves yet but the bodice and shoulders and skirt are together.

I tried it on.

I almost cried.

I do NOT have a 28" waist. I will never look like the pictures on the front of the pattern. *sigh* I just look like a giant white and orange blob.