Tuesday, June 14, 2011

GND Wedding

Yes a member of the Global Network of Devas is getting married and it is going to be a blast! I am heading to MSP the weekend of July 24th to celebrate the heck out of Lynn and Patrick's wedding. This is from their wedding website:

"Our theme is a hip, swanky party from the Rat Pack era. Gentlemen, dinner jackets are optional, but why not have some fun with it! Same goes for your white gloves, ladies."

I need to find a retro bowling shirt for the pre-party Friday night bowling. And I feel an online pre-event fashion show coming on. You know I am lousy at making decisions so I'll post a couple of dresses, shoes, hats and gloves and you all need to vote in the comment section to help me find the perfect outfit.

I am going to be hitting the DI and Somebody's attick looking for vintage deals. If you find anything you think I might like let me know or send me a link.

This is going to be LEGEN...wait for it..DARY!

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