Monday, June 06, 2011

I am almost a Semi-Sub-Lebrity...sort of

If you haven't been to the blog Confessions Of A Pioneer Woman, I highly recommend it. There are different segments to cover the author's life on a ranch, her cooking exploits, photography, home and garden info, and home schooling. She also includes a food blog/website where everyone can add their own recipes and share with others.

This recipe blog is called Tasty Kitchen and I posted about a few weeks ago. Today one of the blog contributors used one of the recipes in my recipe box (stolen from my mother) to create Blueberry Granola Parfaits with Lemon Cream Fruit Dip. Being sort of slow I actually missed her giving me credit and read most of the way through the recipe thinking "hey, this sounds like mom's lemon cream fruit dip...hey, this is identical to mom's lemon cream fruit dip...oh, wait a second..."

I didn't think my recipes would get any attention, I just wanted to have all my favorite recipes in one place on the internet so I could share the link with friends and family and so I could declutter my recipe board in my kitchen. I am very happy that complete strangers have found and enjoyed some of them. Good food is best when it is shared freely.

You can read the blog post about the Granola Parfaits here...

Or if you want to go straigth to the Lemon Cream Fruit Dip Recipe click here...

She is much cleaner and more organized than I am when I cook and her food looks prettier. If you'd ever cooked with me you know my kitchen ends up looking like a bomb went off.

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