Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Man vs. Mud

Ok, we now have an official Man vs. Mud team, "The Dirty Bounders". If you want to run with us go to


and sign up for the 9am race time and select The Dirty Bounders from the race team list. The team password is: knackers

You will need a credit card to register and if you sign up by Saturday it will be $31.75 total and that includes your t-shirt.

Now on to the hard part...costumes! Ideas?!? We could all have matching water wings or swimcaps. I'm all for tutus and tiaras. Someone suggested mom's old care bear costumes. We could always hit the DI for costume ideas. Or we could bribe mom into making us some of those matching superhero capes. Pirates? Dinosaurs? Disco? Nerds? Ducks? Come on people!

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