Tuesday, June 07, 2011

New Quilt Shop

There is a new quilt shop in town. It is called My Girlfriend's Quilt Shop and it is located in the Jamestown building just South of the Midas on 100 East and apx. 1100 N. It is owned by local North Logan girls, identical twins, and the hosts of The DIY Dish, Kris and Kim.

This week is their grand opening and today they have Temptation Cupcakes for anyone who wants to stop in and check out the store.

Here is their original website that shows you how to make all sorts of decorations and crafts yourself:


Here is the store's official site:


Here is the store's facebook page:


There are several other wonderful businesses in the Jamestown building.

One of which is Beadles Original Beads is owned by my friend Jenika Perry and it is one of the best beads stores I've ever been to. They have a wide variety of beads, magazines and beading supplies for all your jewelry and craft projects. They also have really fun classes taught by great teachers.

Here is an article from the HJ about "Janestown":


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