Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Shopping blues

I don't like shopping to begin with, blech! I REALLY don't like shopping for summer clothes. Few experiences are as degrading to a chubby short girl's self esteem as shopping for short, breezy clothing that looks good on toothpick sized women.

To add to the consumer misery, I have to buy long shorts to cover my garments. I don't mind long shorts, in fact I am glad I have to cover my cottage cheese tree trunks...it is just that decent looking long shorts for women are as rare as the Northwestern Tree Octopus, and forget about flattering.

In the last week I have ripped holes in my 4 favorite pairs of summer shorts/pants: Chip & Pepper 'Screaming Beaver" cargo shorts (size 30), Candies embroidered denim crop pants (size juniors 13), Daisy Fuentes parachute cargo crops (size 10, finally crop pants made for a short girl with a caboose!), and Levi's 526 slender boot cut (size 10).

Most of my "tops" are long sleeved black t-shirts that are roughly XXL size to hide my Buddha belly...or cheap cotton tunics from India in a variety of colors, when I find a good thing I buy several of it.

I am a firm believer in the old saying "Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without". Just ask my mother who has helped me patch every single pair of jeans, shorts, trousers, and dress shirts I own. 90% of my wardrobe has been tucked, patched, tweaked, cropped, or otherwise mended in some fashion. Some I don't even bother mending and I just wear them ratty, like my favorite All Blacks rugby jersey.

So with my one pair of shorts on the verge of disintegration and my t-shirt collection holey and faded I set out to shop.

I shopped at Downeast Outfitters...nothing

Old Navy...nothing

TJ Maxx...nothing



Dress Barn...nothing


Kohls...something, and yet still not great. 1 pair of crop pants, 1 pair of shorts, and 2 lightweight tops. I gave in and bought these items because I was DONE. Yes I could soldier on and hit all the stores in the mall, violet hill boutique, smith's market place, wallyworld, and even slog out of the valley to bigger and better shopping pastures...but what's the point? Am I REALLY going to find the perfect thing in any of those stores when I couldn't find it in the first 7?

Staring at my bulging belly rolls, double chin, and calves that bipassed ankles and ran straight down into my foot, I realized that after 30 my body and all clothing everywhere has decided to gang up on me. I'm OK with being heavier, I have never been athletic or skinny or a hard body. I decided that what I'm not OK with is shopping for myself, clothing other than jeans and hoodies, and mirrors. If I can find a way to spend the rest of my life shopping and mirror free in jeans and hoodies all the time I'll be golden.


Abby said...

You should try the Buckle for jeans and shorts. I know that most of their tops/dresses are ghastly but I used to manage a Buckle and believe me, they have a pair of jeans for almost anyone. If you go in, you will be bombarded with help as the sales associates work on commission. Be sure they offer you a BKE Wendy or Kate.

When I worked there, I often sold boys cargo shorts to women with garments.

nachista said...

Thanks Abby. I will have to let my little sister know, she is shopping for shorts too.