Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Trail Flooded

The Riverside Nature Trail section that runs between Guinavah-Malibu campground and Spring Hollow campground in Logan Canyon is flooded.

Last night my niece Nicole and I went for a hike. We were going to take RNT from SHC to the Crimson Trail trailhead in G-MC and then do a full loop and end up back in SHC. About half way between the campgrounds the trail is completely covered in water and is flooded for quite a way.

I called the Forest Service station this morning to let them know because there were no signs or warnings in Spring Hollow about the flooding. They said they had closed the trail with a reflective yellow safety strap, and that someone must have stolen it. They are going to go up today and put straps back up at both ends of the trail.

If you are wanting to hike a trail and want to know if it is flooded, closed, or covered in snow, you can call the Ranger statioin for trail conditions. The one at the mouth of the canyon, across the road from the country club, is 435.755.3620.

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