Friday, July 29, 2011

Old Barn

The Old Barn theatre is currently showing 2 plays, "Into The Woods" and "Guys And Dolls". There is only one more week to catch both productions, ITW shows tonight, Aug 1 and Aug 6, G&D shows tomorrow night, tomorrow afternoon, and Aug 5.

For more information go to the website...

Free Concert In The Park Tomorrow!

The Simmons Brothers will be performing a free concert at the Central Park stage in Smithfield at 7pm on Saturday, July 30th.

25 N 25 W, Smithfield UT
Phone: 435-563-0048

Outdoor Movie Tonight!

On July 29th, 8:30PM come join Common Ground Outdoor Adventures for a free movie night! We will be watching 'How To Train Your Dragon' in our back lot. Please bring the family, friends, or a date! We'll have popcorn and other goodies to eat and we guarantee a good time! Hope to see you there!

Common Ground Outdoor Adventures
355 North 100 East
Logan, Ut 84321

For more information contact Jamie Dickerson Phone: 435-713-0288 Email:

Hike to "Old Juniper"

The Cache Hikers will host a hike to the Jardine Juniper Tree. This moderate 10 mile hike gradually gains 1900 feet to the 1500-year-old Rocky Mountain Juniper and canyon views. Bring food, water, appropriate clothing, and a donation for gas if carpooling.

Contact: Jim Kingsland 435-760-5049

Time: 8am

Date: Saturday July 30, 2011

Location: Smith's Marketplace SW Corner of the Parking Lot750 N MainLogan, UT 84321

Cost: Free

That Famous Preston Night Rodeo

Preston Night Rodeo started last night and runs through Saturday. Whether you are a dyed in the wool cowboy or a city clicker looking for a little country flavor you will enjoy this event.

Check out their website for more information...

Martin Harris Pageant

The Martin Harris Pageant starts tonight and runs through August 13th. There will be no shows on Mondays or Sundays. The pageant will be held in the ampitheater at the Clarkston cemetery and begins at 8:15pm.

The run time of the play has been shortened from just over 2 hours down to 1 hour and 15 minutes. Tickets are free. Remember to bring a blanket or stadium seats for padding, the ampitheater seats are metal bleachers with no backs.

The town of Clarkston will be sponsoring a roast beef dinner every night of the pageant between 5:30pm and 7:30pm.

For ticketing information, meal information, driving directions, and other informatio please go to the pageant website...

Thursday, July 28, 2011

MSP photos

MSP photos are was a long weekend and an even longer week of catch up. I wasn't in a photo/video mood so there aren't a lot. Half of what I have my friend Cordelia took, the other half I took on my degenerate phone...West, Adams, Steiglitz, and Lange do not have to look over their shoulders, I assure you. Think more very early Lartigue with no imagination.


July is almost over, almost.

Mumford And Sons

It has been roughly 8 months and I am still addicted to "Sigh No More" by Mumford And Sons.

This is "Winter Winds"

Marines, Listen Up!

The Marine Corps Birthday Ball is generally held the weekend closest to the USMC Birthday, November 12th. Marines wear their best dress blues, civilians wear formal clothing, there is a birthday cake, speech(es), dinner, dancing, and other festivities. This is a big deal and it can be a lot of fun, or it can be kind of awkward and boring, or in the worst case it can be really embarassing.

Recently several Marines have decided it would be fun and/or funny to ask out celebrities...Mila Kunis, Justin Timberlake, Betty White, Linda Hamilton, Miley Cyrus, and Scarlett Johansen (sp?) among them.

The first two invitations were novel and kind of cute. Now it is just getting annoying and tacky. Have some respect for yourself, the celebrities you want to ask, and the Corps. Stop asking complete strangers to the Ball! You are asking a pretty big favor of someone who never even knew you existed.

Think of the time and expense involved for them to actually show up; plane tickets, time off of work, clothing, hotel room, ground transportation, etc. Sure most of these people can afford it financially but would you ask anyone else "take time out of your demanding schedule so you can spend a couple grand to come on a date with me".

Marines, look around you. There are probably dozens of people who would love to go with you. As cool as it would be to have a dream date with a famous face, is guilt tripping an actor/actress into going with you very honorable? Are you going to have time to brief them on the protocol of the evening? Do you have anything in common that you can talk about?

It was cool while it lasted, but enough is enough.

Saturday, July 23, 2011 far...

I'm enjoying the tropical Minneapolis weather.

Yesterday we ate cookies, talked, hung out and/or met lots of people and went shopping for hat supplies for Cordelia. For dinner Cordie and Jane took me to The 5.8 Club and I had a Juicy Lucy variant called "Pig Pen", it was stuffed with cheese, onions and bacon. We also had fries, deep fried cheese curds and onion straws, behold the deliciousness...

I saw these at one of the stores we atopped at, can you believe I had amazing self control and did not buy them?

This morning the Muggli clan converged at the Camden house and there was a frenzied floral arranging session that lasted a good chunk of the morning. I happily took babysitting/dogsitting duty in the TV room so I wouldn't get in their way. Here's the bride at the helm of the good ship Flora

Here is Merlyn gaurding the centerpieces when everything was done and dusted.

It is Caitlin's 21st birthday today, we may be going out later to do something special. She has been wearing a tiara all day but I still haven't managed to get a photo of it.

Tomorrow is the wedding and then I fly home Monday morning.


We have a friend that has 4 samoyeds. She bred one of them, Ossa. About a month ago Ossa had 4 healthy male puppies. 2 of them are already claimed but there are still 2left if you are interested in purchasing one.

The mother and father are both pedigree dogs. Ossa was bred and trained to show by a professional breeder. The puppies will be available at 8 weeks. They are asking $1,000 for each puppy.

This is Ossa.

These are 3 of the puppies, I was holding one while I was taking the picture.

The largest of the litter.

The runt of the litter.

This is an adult male samoyed that she rescued that she is trying to find a good home for. If you are interested in the puppies or the adult male let me know and I will put you in touch with the owner.

Thursday, July 21, 2011



Boarding pass printed.

Leaving work in 4 hours.

Leaving Logan in 6 hours.

Leaving SLC in 10 hours.

Arriving (hopefully) in MSP in 14 hours.

I will miss my husband, my dogs, my home, and my Utah family and friends.

I will not miss work.

I promise to be good and wear clean underwear and mind my p's and q's and apparently my t's as well...

MSPers...see you all soon.

Utah peeps...see you on Monday.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


3,000 that means that all 6 of you that read this blog because I'm too lazy to email you myself have each viewed this page 500 times. Sounds like you guys need to get a life.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ice Blocking

You can't live in Cache Valley without ice blocking on Old Main Hill at least once.

Ice Blocking is the art of sledding in the summer. Take one large block of ice, one towel, and one rider. Combine. Shove down a hill. That's all there is to it. Well ok there are a few other minor points, but that's the main gist of it.

You can ride sitting on the block, or laying on it on your stomach in the prone position. If you are really creative you can try laying on a couple in the supine position like my brother in law. Please don't try to ride one standing up, it will only end in tears. Remember if your block is rectangular to face the narrow side downhill, if you turn the broadside to the downhill slope you will face plant. Keep the edges of your towel from creeping under the front of your block, if it does get under, chances are you will face plant.

Wear old clothes and prepare to get wet and dirty.

Yes the university discourages it (although they haven't outright banned it yet), yes there is a slight element of danger (but what fun activity doesn't have that?), and yes it could end in massive reconstructive surgery...but most of the time it is just good old fashioned insane fun.

Monday my oldest sister invited those of us living in the Cache Valley area to join her family for an evening of ice blocking. We all got our exercise whether it was chasing the little kids around, or lugging blocks of ice back up the hill (sorry no tow rope here). We even talked a few people who hadn't intended on ice blocking into joining us. A good time was had by all.

My sister, her husband and their youngest in a family ice block train.

Everyone consulting on the best way to do it.

Most of the kids lost interest as soon as the sprinklers turned on and they spent most of the night chasing the sprinklers around.

My oldest niece and her 2 friends...they were too cool for us!

Some people have to carry their ice AND their kids back up the hill, these are also the people that take fewer rides.


Taking a break at the top.

Mike being a good sport and taking my nephew down in a train.

My nephew's parents taking a breather while Uncle Mike schleps Caden down the hill.

Nicole and her friends being too cool for us again.

This gives you the full range of moisture possibilities you may experience...slightly wet butt, really wet butt, wet butt and wet front, completely soaked.

My pants were so ripped I had a hard time keeping them up.

Kyla got soaked and then thought it was funny to run around and hug dryer people.

Having our post flinging-ourselves-down-a-hill snack.

We take all our towels and our trash but we left the blocks, just in case anyone else came along and wanted to play.

We caught a gorgeous sunset.

And as we were cleaning up my oldest sister and her family saw some girls that they go to church with and they invited the girls to give it a whirl.

They were young, adventurous, and good sports. Who knows maybe these girls will be the first ever summer ice blocking Olympians! Or not.


And now on to the videos!

This is a video of me sliding.

My brother in law and his son going for a ride, followed by my little sister.

Here is what it looks like when you are actually riding a block of ice down the hill. (I like the cool reciprocity I got on the sun in this video)

Here is my hubby, my oldest sister, and her husband all going for rides.

Craig's experiment.

The wee one was losing his patience with the whole being cold and wet thing. I let him play with my video camera for a while and I got about 20 3 second clips of his legs while he pushed buttons at random on it.

Here is another first person point of view ride down the hill.

My totally awesome wipeout.

Holly's last slide.

Craig's last slide.

Blabble Gum

A week and a half ago my mother's sister Gwen came from California for a visit. She brought one of her granddaughters, Jessica, and one of her sons, David and his wife. Also in town was our other cousin David and his family, as well as his brother Aaron and family and their sister Becca and her family.

So mom had a party!

I spent most of the time eating, talking, painting fingernails, and playing with my cousins kids and my nieces and nephews. I had left my camera in the car and only have my cell phone camera, which blows. I did manage to get a shot of the very special ice cream my brother Rob made...Black Bubble Gum = Blabble Gum.

A child had abandoned a cone on the table near where I had my nail stuff out and I snapped a quick photo.

Yep, it's really black. Yep, it really tastes like bubble gum. Kids loved it, grown ups were scared of it.

Weekend Fun

This weekend the great state of Utah is celebrating Pioneer Day. Since this state holiday falls on a Sunday, most communities will be celebrating on Saturday or Monday.

North Logan will be holding Pioneer Day festivities this weekend on both Saturday and Sunday. For more information go here...

For a schedule of events go here...

Included in these activites is the monthly free movie in the park. This will be held at the soccer fields at Elk Ridge Park (1060 E 2500 N) this Saturday, July 23rd. This week's movie is Despicable Me.

Seating starts at 8:30pm and the movie will begin about 9pm. There will be fireworks following the movie.

2 More Days

In exactly 2 days I will be driving out of Logan on my way to the airport and Lynn's wedding. 2 days, 48 hours, 2880 minutes, 172800 seconds.

Give or take a few seconds.

Not that I'm counting...much...

Free Class @ Beadles!

Beadles Original Beads is offering a free class every Saturday in July.

The "Leather and Lace" free class is offered every Saturday from noon until 2pm during the month of July.

They are also offering a bonus July class, "Tila" You Bead it!

This is a great chance to use Miyuki's new Tila beads at a free class.
Saturday, July 16th -- 2pm to 4pm
Saturday, July 30th -- 2pm to 4pm

Late Night Party

July 26th Beadles is throwing a "Late Night Party"! 10 lucky ladies will have the chance to come and bead from 7pm - 1am with two beading instructors there to answer their every question! You will go home with a beautiful projects and an awesome Beadles T-shirt. The cost is $35 per person and a quick call to the store at 435-755-3171 reserves your spot.

Free August Class

"Bumps in the Road" Bracelet
Every Saturday from noon - 2pm during the month of August.

Beadles is located at:
1115 North 200 East Logan Utah 84341 (in the Jamestown plaza just South of Midas by the mall)

Their hours are:
Monday - Friday: 10 am - 6 pm, Saturday: 12 pm - 6 pm, Sunday: Closed