Thursday, July 07, 2011

Birthday Hike

So it turns out that 9.5 people in this world really love me. That's how many people showed up for my birthday hike, it's OK you other people who don't love me, I understand but remember I don't love you that much either...oh wait, did I just say that out loud?


OK, we can get past this and respect each other in the morning, right?!?

Great, now that's settled.

We met in the lower parking lot of Spring Hollow and slathered on this awesome 98% deet bug spray and set off for the upper trail head. Early morning was a good choice and we were done in time for lunch. The wildflowers were out in full force and there were a lot of people out enjoying the trail.

We went up from Spring Hollow and then east across China Wall and down the side of the trail that would lead you into Guinavah, but instead of going into that campground we took the cut off down to the Riverside Nature Trail and took that back to Spring Hollow. The river was flooding so we had to wade in some very cold water but we all survived.

It was a grand adventure, better than a party, and I loved every minute of it.

Here are the photos (some of them were taken on my cell phone and are a little blurry).

(Wish you were here!)

Walking along China Wall

Highway 89 heading East towards Bear Lake, this is the only road through Logan canyon.

My brother in law enjoying the view from the wall.

Highway 89 looking West towards Cache Valley. I had cell phone service along the upper portion of the wall as long as I had a clear view of the Wellsvilles.

#1 person who loves me, but does not love having his photo taken.

View of the Logan River flooding next to the highway.

Still green the last week of June, this almost never happens.

The happy hikers!

We were passed by several groups of hikers. This trail is very popular.

Megan and Matt were out front most of the time.

The kids were all good sports and let me take lots of photos of them.

Of course I can't let them upstage me!

The trail we are on runs along the top of that sheer rock wall.

If you blow this one up and look carefully you can see some hikers on the trail.

More posing!

The forested areas of the trail were lovely and cool.

Can you see the wind caves in this photo?

I wasn't the only one making people pose.

Mike thinks this looks like a dragon's head, I think it looks like a horse, what do you think?

Meditating on all the ways I could fall off the mountain.

The kids thought they were gophers.

Can you spot the slow pokes in our group?

On the downhill slope.

Can you spot them now?

Taking a break on the downhill hike.

Megan doing "Fire Power!"

Going down the way I normally go up the trail.

The trail is under the water.

It was really, really cold, but kind of felt good after the hike.

Ky got soaked.

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Mindy :) said...

It looks like you had a fun time - and I still love you even if you think I dont.