Monday, July 18, 2011

Dress Fail

I took the dress to the dress doctor. She can heal it but she can't work magic and make it fabulous. $40 for fabric, 20 hours of my time, 14 hours of my mother's time, 6 hours of my aunt's time, and now $30 for a professional to finish/alter it and it won't be done for another 2 weeks.

$70 and one month of work for a dress that I don't love and makes me look like the great pumpkin.

Epic Fail.

Things I've Learned:

  • I am not now, nor have I ever been or ever will be martha freaking stewart.

  • I can sew a straight line.

  • I cannot sow tucks, pleats, or curved lines

  • Patterns lie.

  • Never Ever buy a Vogue pattern.

  • Orange is not my friend

  • White is not my friend

  • Red is not my friend

  • Zippers are hard.

  • Sleeves are harder.

  • I am short and a size 12, I will never look like the models on the front of the pattern.

  • Sewing machines hate me

  • I am really good at un-picking

  • In the long run it is cheaper and easier to endure the pain of shopping and just buy something off the rack than it is for me to try and make it myself.

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