Sunday, July 03, 2011

Logan Canyon Flooding

Over one hundred years ago my great grandfather, Louis Cardon, built a small cabin on a small piece of ground in Logan Canyon about 100 feet from the Logan River. Today the area that this cabin stands in is known as the Birch Glen Summer Home Site and the ground is all owned by the US Forest Service. My father owns the cabin and he leases the ground it sits on from the USFS.

Because of its proximity to the river it has flooded in the past. The last big flood I remember was in the 80's and I was just a kid. Shortly after that the USFS came in and built up the dirt road in the home site by almost 2 feet in some places. That has prevented flood waters from the river from crossing the road, until this year.

Heavy snowfall and the wettest spring on record have combined to cause the worst flooding in over 20 years. We were worried about the flooding back in early may and sandbagged the cabin before the river even came close to flood stage. And then we waited. The second to last week of June the river spilled over its banks and began flooding in earnest. To give you some perspective, normally the river peaks around mid-May, some years as late as the first week of June.

Mike and I went up to check on things the evening of June 24th and took some photos and videos. We went back the following Sunday, June 26th and the flooding had gotten even worse, there were several cabins on the road west of ours that the flood waters had flown over their sandbag walls and flooding the cabins with several feet of water.

I took photos as I walked East. When I gotten to the far end of the summer home site I started taking videos as I made my way back towards our cabin and the bridge. The videos will make you motion sick, I am really bad at trying to hold the camera still...sorry!

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Mindy :) said...

oh gosh Suz, that makes me so sad to see all that water :(
so sorry