Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sundays at Mom & Dad's, and the robin

Every Sunday evening we go to my parents house, as well as most of my siblings and their kids. In warm weather we usually end up on their patio with the kids fighting over who gets the swing. Here are some of the grandkids hanging out.

One of these past Sundays my brother in law Craig noticed that a Robin had build a nest in one of my parents apple trees. Since then, unfortunately, the eggs have all been poached, probably by magpies or other aggressive birds in the areas, so there are no baby bird photos to follow. I thought I share these photos.

The photos were taken in the dark, holding the camera high above my head so I couldn't see through the view finder, so they aren't the best quality.

Can you spot the momma bird in this picture?

Last Sunday my mom had cut some chive blossoms and hung them up to dry, I thought they looked interesting and I took a few photos.

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