Sunday, September 18, 2011

Salmon Run

One night last week I picked up my niece and we drove to Porcupine reservoir to see if the salmon were running. When we got to the gate at the cinnamon creek campground this little bird was running back and forth under our parked car. Does anyone know what type of bird it is?

The salmon were out in full force, we saw several large groups and even one fish trying to leap a waterfall. Keep in mind these are about the size of small to medium trout, not the massive Alaskan king salmon. They almost look like pond koi.

It looked like it was still early in the spawning because we didn't see any dead ones yet so if you want to go check it out for yourselves this week you can probably still catch the end of the spawning this week. You can park at the gate and walk into the campground to view the salmon in the creek, remember there are no pets allowed in the campground area. If you go on Wednesday there is a farmer's market in the Paradise town park from 6pm until dark.

Remember to speak quietly, do not throw anything in the creek, and to not enter the water. The fish are very sensitive to disturbances.

Here are my bad photos...

If you click on this photo and then zoom in, you can see the fish better.

There will be videos in the next post.

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