Monday, October 31, 2011

Last Hike Of The Year

2 Saturdays ago my friend Becca and I went for one last hike of the year. Oh yeah and it happened to coincide with the opening day of the deer hunt, hence our lovely blaze orange accessories.

We usually hit one of the many trails in Logan Canyon but decided to get up bright and early (before sunrise) and headed to the Rattle Snake Trail trailhead in Wellsville (aka Sardine) Canyon. Sure enough when we got to the parking area it was full of trucks and horse trailers. We went through the gate and up the trail to where it opened into a meadow and there we saw the sweetest older couple out hunting together, the husband had the gun and the wife had the binoculars. We passed a few more hikers and a lot more hunters along the way.

The sun came up while we were on the trail and it was lovely. It is amazing what seeing a beautiful sunrise can do after a long and stressful week.

There was lots of fall color but a lot of the leaves had fallen. I enjoyed the feel and the sound of the dry leaves crunching under my feet.

We took the old jeep road that goes west and ends at a cell phone tower and what looks like and electrical substation. It had gorgeous views of the valley. Instead of heading back right away we found a comfortable perch on the edge of the hill and enjoyed the morning while we caught up, accompanied by the sounds of distant rifle reports. It was a perfect last hike and I can't wait until next spring when we can start all over again.


Mindy :) said...

awww, next year, I am committing to coming with you at least 2 times.... I miss hiking, and hanging out with you.

nachista said...

Awesome, I'm holding you to it. We'll pick some short ones and you can bring your boys, I think they'd love it.