Monday, October 31, 2011

Modern Marriage

#1 - Why is this on CNN? Shouldn't they be putting REAL news out in the world?

#2 - I don't feel sorry for anyone in that marriage/divorce. If they had spent less time trying to be on TV and more time at home working on their relationship, they might still be together.

#3 - They spent $10 million on a wedding and the marriage lasted 72 days, that's approximately $139,000 per day of their marriage. Maybe they should have spent a little less on the ceremony and reception and a little bit more on relationship counseling and getting to know one another. My wedding cost about $2,000 and we've last a lot longer, we've had our bumpy moments but we get through them because life isn't about finances and debts and jobs and is about people and moments and experiences and making others happy.

All divorces are sad, this one just happens to be sad AND pathetic. I don't know them, in fact I don't really care about them or know why they are famous, but one would hope that they would try a little harder and little longer than 72 days to make things work.

Here's an idea, how about they pay me some of that money they seem to love flushing away and I'll give them the same no nonsense talk about real life and marriage that my mother gave me. I'll even let them rent out my tiny house, live on my budget, juggle my bills, do my chores, and swap jobs for an escape from their paparazzi driven L.A. lifestyles so they can see what life and marriage is like on $20k a year with real responsibilities...then if they cracked after 72 days I wouldn't blame them.

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