Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Beach!

We're all going to the beach! Ok, not really, but let me explain.

Last summer my nephew, the one I call Cado-Potato, went to the dump one day with his mother to drop off some branches. He could see lots of seagulls and water so he naturally assumed they were going to the beach. Ever since then we've teased him about going to "the beach".

This past Friday I was helping my parents do some yard work, I picked up my nephew and he helped me rake but mostly passed the time jumping in the piles of leaves. We filled up "Big Red", their big old Dodge pickup, with leaves and pine needles and nuts and he loved the job we gave him, jumping up and down on each new load we put in the bed of the truck to make room for more.

Once the truck was completely full we covered the box with a tarp and headed to the green waste facility at our county dump. While we were stopped at the scales I got out my phone and took a photo of my nephew to keep him entertained.

He decided that taking pictures looked like fun so he took the phone and I showed him how to take photos. Here are his photos of "The Beach".

Since he was such a good helper, as evidenced by this photo of him not hitting me in the head with the rake...

...we stopped at Gossner's on the way home to get ice cream. He went for cookies and cream, I got the caramel apple, it was a good way to end an afternoon at the beach.

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