Sunday, November 27, 2011

Good Brother - Part Deux

Wherein we follow the continuing adventures of our hero from the post entitled "Last Swing Of The Season".

Big Brother wanted to go down the slide. Not just any slide, The Slide Of Death, steep and metal and situated right in front of a big pine tree which I have slammed into when my slide velocity carried me a bit too far. Big Brother wanted me to film him going down said slide. Luckily there was no major incident. My favorite part is the little wink from Little Brother.

Then Big Brother wanted me to film him catching Little Brother as Little Brother goes down the slide. I was a gold star babysitter this time, I did step in and help catch but that little guy packs a punch and nearly knocked both of us to the ground when we caught him.

He seemed less than impressed with us risking our well being to catch him on the Slide Of Death. Huh, two year olds, go figure.

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