Saturday, November 26, 2011

Last Swing Of The Season

One afternoon a couple of weeks ago I was babysitting two of my nephews. It looked like it was going to be one of the last sunny and dry days of the season that they could play outside. They are typical boys with a lot of energy and I thought that taking them over to the swing set in their grandparents backyard would be a good way to let them blow off steam and enjoy being outside for a while.

It was brisk but they were having fun.

A lot of fun.

And they were getting star for the baby sitter, right?

And they were getting along great together...another gold star for the baby sitter, right?!

The older boy wanted me to watch his impressive swing pumping skills (oh to be four again!) and the younger boy just wanted to be pushed.

They both enjoyed having their photos again (again I say, Oh to be four again!)

And much fun was had by all.

Until the older one wanted me to get a video clip of him swinging. I was having a difficult time pushing the little one and taking a video at the same time so I gave the little one a big "underdog" style push and ran out front to get a video of the bigger one.

Turns out the little guy was feeling neglected while I was out front filming (you can hear him say "slowing down" in the clip) and big brother decided to help by stepping in and selflessly pushing his little brother on the swing for a while.

But just pushing wasn't good enough, big brother wanted to copy what he saw me do only he didn't quite have the hang of giving an "underdog" yet. He soon found out that no good deed goes unpunished. This is the clip I took of them while they were playing.

There go my gold stars. I am fairly certain that I could have held on to at least one gold star if I hadn't laughed in the video. The good news is that he was fine and thinks the video is funny and asks me to play it for him over and over again.

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