Thursday, December 15, 2011


If you live in Cache Valley and are interested in photography you should drop in to one of the meetings of the Cache Valley Photographers group. They meet at the Thatcher Young mansion behind Fuhriman's Framing. You can view the group's meet up website here:

This group is headed up by Levi Sim of SDesign Photography. You can view his website here:

He is a professional photographer and he also teaches photography classes. For more information about his classes go here:

I stopped by tonight to observe the photographers and get a feel for the space. It was an open lab night for CVP and they had studio light on two different floors. Upstairs in the studio space they were experimenting with black lights. Downstairs in a smaller room off of the front hall they had continuous soft box studio lights. As far as I could tell they didn't have any strobe lighting that you would need to sync with. Also in the upstairs studio there were a variety of back drops available.

The group has once a month photo critique meetings on the second Thursdays of the month, weekly brown bag lunch forums on Wednesdays at noon, and open lab and printing sessions weekly on Thursdays at 7pm. Tonight I met several photographers of all different backgrounds and abilities. It seems like a really good group and a great way to experiment and expand your knowledge of photography techniques and equipment.

I would really recommend this group to any amateur or hobby photographers that rely on natural light but want to expand into studio lighting. Levi rents out his studio (room, lights, backdrops...bring your own camera and tripod) for $25 an hour which is bargain compared to trying to find a space, buy everything you need, and setting up your own studio. The emphasis is on photography in general. As far as I could tell everyone there was shooting digital, and it definitely seemed more geared to the new and exciting DSLR generation, although I doubt they'd throw you out if you showed up with film.

(and yes I realize the irony of a post about photography and photogs with no actual photographs in it.)

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