Friday, December 30, 2011

Holy Pixels Batman

Take a look at this camera...

Introducing the new and improved Hasselblad with 60 megapixels...don't adjust your monitor, you read that right, 60 megapixels.

And take a gander at the pricetag on its listing on, Hasselblads have always been expensive but this one is delving into the realm of fantasty.

I did the math and that equals out to be around $699 per megapixel, a bargain really. What made this offering so special was the priceless 5 star review it received:

"This is a huge upgrade from my beloved Canon XT!!! I recently sold my Canon XT (with 18-50mm non-IS) on ebay once I heard that this came out on Amazon. When I got the final auction bid, it sold for $225.50 + $15 shipping, not bad for a 6-year old camera. I realized that I'm still a little bit short to purchase this so I decided to auction my car, also on ebay. I sold my 2002 Toyota 4-Runner for $6,650, again not a bad sale!!! When I got the money, I counted it with the funds from the Canon XT and guess what...still short! So I decided to short-sale my 1 bedroom condo in Vegas. After a month wait, I got a buyer and sold it for $35180! After counting all the funds,I was able to collect a grand total of $42,055.50! I was actually still short of $24.50 so I called Amazon and told them if I can get it for less $25, they agreed!...The seller also gave me a free lens filter...What a good deal! For $13,000 more for additional 10 megapixel I think is better than H4D-50 and for $41,800 more for an additional 52-megapixel from a Canon XT is the best decision I ever made!!!"

Funny, only 14 out of 22 people found that helpful, I found it incredibly helpful. I mean sure it costs half as much as my house but hey I could get a job as a crack photog and write it off as a business expense, right? Right?!? I'm already prepared to rule the fashion photography world, Tyra taught me everything I need to know about coaching models: Smizing, Tooching, "squint with your eyes open", and Fierceness!.

I had better hurry and snap it up, they only have 1 left in stock!

PS - I'm JOKING! Someone needs to come up with a standardized sarcasm font ASAP.

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