Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Little E's Birthday

My brother and his family live in Washington and they drive to Utah for a visit about twice a year. I have a tradition of taking my nieces and nephews out to eat for their birthdays. Last night we took our niece "little E" out for her birthday, which was in November.

We are a blessed family and you wouldn't believe the amount of clothing, toys, books, games, and general stuff that all my nieces and nephews have and still get for birthdays, Christmas, etc. There was nothing I could buy them that would mean anything or have a lasting impact, then I realized that the best parts of my childhood were the times I spent with people I loved...not the stuff. So I try to give them the gift of time, a meal together, and conversation. This is difficult since four of them live out of state now. Hence the delaying Little E's birthday dinner almost 2 months.

But better late than never, right?

She was undecided about where she wanted to go and so Uncle Mike and I decided we'd let her try Kabuki Steakhouse (Hey it is date night for us this week, so might as well be something we all like). She wasn't disappointed. As soon as we were seated she was craning around to see the chefs at the other tables, she was fascinated with them, especially when they did the onion volcano.

Little E would watch our chef and unconsciously mimic what he was doing with her own fork. She was so intent on everything he was doing, she honestly enjoyed the show as much as she enjoyed the food. She surprised us by liking the onion soup and the salad with house dressing...she was almost full by the time her entree was ready.

She wanted shrimp but didn't eat them all. I asked her if she was full but she shook her head and told me that she was saving some for "Mom and dad and my brothers and my sister and Sitka!" Sitka is the dog.

She kept telling me "Get a picture of that crazy guy, he is like the best cook ever, better than my dad even!" Then she told me that's what she wants to do when she grows up. At the end of the meal Mike and I both caught the pieces of chicken that the chef tossed our way, there was another couple at our grill table that tried and failed...I think it is safe to say that we were pretty proud of ourselves.

Kabuki was busier this time around and it was quite pleasant. By chance we had the same chef that cooked for us when Mike and I went during the first week they were open. He was much more at ease this time around and the food was all cooked perfectly. It was a great evening and not one that Little E will soon forget. Here are a few videos we took throughout the dinner:

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