Monday, December 12, 2011

Looking for a little help...

UPDATE ON THE UPDATE: The player I borrowed is missing its power cord and I can't find one that will fit it. It was a valiant effort but it is too late now to find a working player, listen to all the tapes, and get them transferred. Thanks to everyone who tried to help, I appreciate your kindness.

UPDATE: I may have found one that will work for this project, I'll post if it works out alright.

I am trying to find a reel to reel audio player in the Cache Valley, Utah area. You will find photos of various styles of reel to reel players throughout this post if you need to know what they look like.

These machines were pre-8 track tape. They played 8mm audio tapes on spools of various sizes. I am looking at converting some 5" spools but I need to borrow or buy a player so that I can listen to them to sort through what we want to record and what isn't worth saving.

The D.I. hasn't had any, i've been checking once a week for the last 4 weeks.

I've been asking older people I know in the hopes that they might have one tucked away in a garage or attached to an old hifi in their luck.

If you have one that you would let me borrow or rent or buy, or know where I could borrow, rent, or buy one, please leave a comment below with a way to contact you. I need this before Christmas.

I realise that Christmas is only 2 weeks away, I only need the player for one or 2 days. I started doing this project because I thought I would be able to use my father's player, but it has disappeared from the place he used to keep it and we can't find it anywhere.

Please, PLEASE, PUH-LEASE help me out here. Yes I realise it may seem ridiculous asking for 70 year old technology when everyone else is asking for flat panel TVs, Blue Ray players, and ipones...but this is so I can make a Christmas present for my 89 year old father. I wish these things were as easy to find as ipods but they have been disappearing for decades and most of them have just been thrown away.

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