Monday, December 12, 2011

Put Your Thinking Caps On

I am currently working on making a new recipe for a festive holiday slush punch, but I am stuck on trying to find a good name for it.

The slush is a non-alcoholic mix of cranberry juice, raspberry juice, lemon juice, fresh ginger, water, and sugar; boil it until the sugar is dissolved then freeze. Chop up the frozen juice and pour sparkling apple cider over it, float cranberries and lemon slices in it.

So far name suggestions have included:

  • The Rudolph

  • Jingle Berry Rock

  • Sled Marks

  • Yule Shoot Yer Eye Out

  • Moose Mush

  • Santa Hat (Although this would be if the juices weren't frozen and you poured the liquid over scoops of vanilla ice cream)

  • Stocking Stuffer

  • Sunset Snow

  • Bell Ringer

  • Merry Fizz-mas

  • Merry Maker

  • Berries On Ice

I'm having trouble deciding on one. Any suggestions?

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