Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Toilet Magic

*Photo credit: All photos in this post are courtesy of the Poo-pourri website.*

So I was browsing through the Tasty Kitchen and Pioneer Woman joint websites on my lunch break and I come across her post about "Crap Shooter", here:

I am still laughing about it. But I'm not just laughing, I am intensely curious. Check out their official website here:

Who hasn't had an awkward moment in a public bathroom or in the loo at a friend's house and wished for a small miracle? "Oh please, oh please, oh please don't let anyone smell this." *looking for raised hands* No one?!? Oh fine, I'll admit it, I am stinkier from most (I blame genetics) and I am embarrassed to use other people's toilets for fear I may suffocate any small pets they might have in the house with my fumes. Not only that, we've got 2 very stinky dogs, yep they've got a product for pet odor too. And diaper odors. And car odors.

Now this isn't your momma's air freshener. It is a PREVENTATIVE! You spray it in the bowl before you use the toilet to help eliminate the odors at the source. If this really works I may be buying it by the case.

Not only does it promise to deodorize most bathroom smells, they also come with funny names and ridiculously cute packaging. You can see their full range of products here:

I believe this one is my favorite...

Please let me know if you purchase this product and if it really works for you.

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