Tuesday, January 31, 2012

BBQ Food Truck

Logan has a new BBQ food truck in town. Say hello to Rollin' West Bar-B-Que!

Today they are parked in the Aaron's Appliances Parking lot on Main street. If you don't know where that it is, it is on the West side of North Main, inbetween the new Expercom building and Al's Sporting Goods. Here is a shot of today's menu:

And their regular menu:

So Logan's BBQ-less streak is over, at least while the good weather holds out. I talked to one of the owners and she said they will be in that same location all week as long as the weather stays nice.

This is a local family run operation from right here in the valley; mom & dad and their son and his wife. They were friendly, knowledgeable and fast. They also do catering and concessions, give them a call for your next event!

I opted for the Carolina style sandwich with pulled pork and tangy slaw (they also offer creamy slaw)

They toasted the bun and it was a nice mix of tender and juicy meat, crisp and tangy slaw, and soft bun with a slight crunch where it had been toasted. On the whole it was a pretty darn good sandwich. They have 3 sauce offerings: a traditional smokey bbq, a mustard based sauce with a nice kick, and a tangy and slightly sweet Carolina vinegar sauce.

The first sauce is top left, the second is top right and the third is on the sandwich. I am a sucker for vinegar based "pig juice" style sauces and I really liked this one, but right now I'm craving more of the mustard sauce, both of these sauces are made fresh in house.

"Like" them on facebook to find out where they will be next!


After seeing the most recent photo on their facebook page I'm thinking that as much as I enjoyed the sandwich, DANG! I should have gotten the ribs.

Try them out and let me know what you think.


norrfam said...

Great shots! We love you!

The Suzzzz said...

Thanks! I'm happy to spread the word.