Friday, January 06, 2012

Behold the elusive porcupine...

These adorable little porcupines are created by Chef Mark Grodkowski at Sweetly Divine Pastry Shop in Logan, UT. He only makes porcupines for sale once ever other year or so and when they crop up you have about 2 days to get yourself one before they are gone.

These whimsical critters are a variation on his white mice pastries.

The mice in the photo above were cake "bottomers" that Mike and I ordered for our wedding. Mark doesn't sell traditional wedding cakes but we loved his desserts so much we ordered three different cream cakes and the mice and put together our own unique wedding cake. The top cake was caramel chocolate mousse, the middle cake was lemon raspberry mousse, and the bottom layer was white cake, whipped cream, strawberries, nuts and a chocolate hole for the mice.

(PS - Uh if any of my family members know where my cake stand went after the wedding, please let me know. I've been looking for it for about 5 years.)

The mice are white cake, vanilla custard, and raspberry mousse covered in white chocolate with sliced almonds for the ears. The porcupines are chocolate cake, vanilla custard, and chocolate mousse covered in white and dark chocolate with slivered almonds for the spines. Here let me show you what they look like when you take a bite.

Darn, didn't reach the custard, I guess I'll have to take another bite. The sacrifices I make for this blog...

If you missed out on last week's surprise porcupine arrival, don't worry! Mark can make a custom order for you if you'd like them for a party, wedding, or any other occasion. His desserts are delicious and beautiful. He also makes gourmet sandwiches, jalapeno jellies, soups, salads, gelato, and polish pierogi. Stop by and try them today.

You can find Sweetly Divine's official website here:

Or you can like them on Facebook and get regular updates on specials and seasonal products here:

Sadly, due to the exorbitantly high cost of rent in their current location and the land lord's unwillingness to work with them, Sweetly Divine has been forced to search for a new place to rent for their bakery.

Their lease is up in April and they will be moving but the move is going to be very expensive due to all the large and very heavy equipment and all the other store fixtures. Please stop buy and try them out, help them raise the funds they need to move to a more affordable location so that they can stay in business.

This shop is a gem and the valley is incredibly lucky to have it, it would be a shame if we lost it for good. As soon as I know where the new location will be I will post about it here.

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